Question about cycling progesterone

by Michele
(Port St Lucie, Fl, USA)

Hello I am 39 and still having a normal period each month.

I also have secondary adrenal insufficiency and so I take Hydrocortisone per the Stop the thyroid madness recommendations on how to dose it each day.

I also take Florinef for my sodium and slow release potassium to keep up my electrolytes.

So my question is this.. I've heard some say yes you should stop using progesterone from days 29-13 and then take it days 14-28. Or some say you just stop it for 5 days during your period..

I have been taking 50mg of bio-identical progesterone pill everyday for years and I always get my period.I have tried in the past to stop it but feel horrible when I do.

But I now have a little Progesterone/estrogen imbalance.. my ratio is a little high in Estrogen.. so I am looking to increase my progesterone to 100mg and then stop it possibly for only 5 days during my period. Unless you explain otherwise.

Can you please help clarify when I should stop it and if I should stop it?
I am worried about stopping it because I do have an adrenal issue and progesterone helps to increase cortisol and if I stop the progesterone then I believe my cortisol will probably drop some and that's why I probably have felt so badly when I did try to stop it.

Thank you for your help!

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