Question about cream

by Rebecca


A few questions.
I am new to high doses of progesterone cream and am nervous about all of this but am giving it a try. About me... I'm 38. My primary symptom is inability to lose weight starting since the birth of my 2nd child at age 25. I also have bladder issues, eczema, extreme fatigue, insomnia, hypoglycemia, joint pain. My cycles are regular, my blood sugars are normal. Testing has pointed to low T3, low progesterone, high testosterone. Slightly elevated cholesterol, slightly decreased good cholesterol. Triglycerides are perfect. Since starting progesterone my eczema that has been constant for 3 years has gone away and I have gained a crazy amount of weight.

1. I have noticed that in the beginning of my cycle prior to ovulation my body is more receptive to dieting (not much, but at least I don't gain during this time). But in the 2nd half of the cycle when progesterone kicks in, I am resistant to weight loss and can gain weight rapidly if I'm not careful.
What accounts for this if progesterone doesn't cause weight gain? I've been gaining weight rapidly on the cream even at very high amounts between 500-600 per day.

2. I notice over and over again you don't advise using the cream throughout your entire cycle unless "symptoms are extreme?" What do you consider "extreme"? Would excessive and rapid weight gain be considered extreme?

3. Would you recommend this brand?

Thank you! I really appreciate this forum!

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