quercetin for brain cell regeneration.

by William
(Toronto Canada)

PLEASE follow Joy's recommendations in her answer regarding dose, delivery, and frequency. With progesterone you must use the bioidentical cream rubbed in to your skin twice a day. It is extremely safe and more is generally better than less. Do not use the prescription form as it is not bioidentical, so buy it on line where it is readily available.

Keep up with the high dose fish oil and consider adding 500 mg quercetin twice a day. Quercentin has been found by researchers to simulate neurons in the brain and form new brain cells.

A good summary of this research can be found on the website of Dr. Mercola and I will provide a summary of his article here for you;

Lab and animal studies show that quercetin, found in apple peel, helps promote neurogenesis in the hippocampal area of the brain responsible for learning and memory function
Exercise also stimulates hippocampal growth and may be necessary for improved cognition with neurogenesis as demonstrated in an animal model
Quercetin and exercise also help support your immune system and lower your risk of viral illnesses, such as the common cold, flu or COVID-19
More strategies to help protect brain health include eating foods rich in astaxanthin and omega-3 fats, lowering or eliminating your consumption of sugar and processed foods, consistently getting adequate amounts of quality sleep and eating a cyclical ketogenic diet

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Feb 26, 2021

by: Joy

Hi William

Many thanks for your backup and for your added input. I take it that are referring to this post?

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