Prpgesterone accumulation in the fat

Every article I have read about progesterone cream, states that it should be used in different spots, and only on the thin skin areas, because it will accumulate, and then the concentrations will be too high and disrupt all the other hormones....adrenal, etc. You are the only one that has said that this is not true. How do you know this to be false?? Have there been studies done? I would love to read it for myself. Thanks.

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Sep 08, 2013
Progesterone accumulation in the fat
by: Wray1

Hi there Yes the articles all say that. I've been asked, and answered this query dozens of times on the website, and given the papers too. But I've found from personal experience this doesn't occur. That women who use very high amounts, see here, here, here and here, don't suffer from the disruption you mention. That once symptoms have passed, the amount used can be reduced without affecting them. This paper shows it's not accumulated, see here. The paper also points out that "the doses used in our study produced sub-luteal levels of progesterone". They used 40mg/day progesterone, which is the highest amount normally recommended. If symptoms are severe far more is needed. Another says "the lipophilic ingredients of creams, including progesterone, may have a preference for saturating the fatty layer below the dermis. Because there appears to be rapid uptake and release of steroids by red blood cells passing through capillaries, these cells may play an important role in transporting progesterone to salivary glands and other tissues." It also states "Despite the low serum progesterone levels achieved with the creams, salivary progesterone levels are very high, indicating that progesterone levels in serum do not necessarily reflect those in tissues." If the fatty tissues were indeed saturated, and little progesterone was 'escaping', the study would have found the reverse, i.e. low saliva levels. From Saliva Tests we run, it's evident the progesterone is getting around. The amount the women used was 100mg/day, and saliva levels rose to over 3000ng/ml in some cases. Take care Wray

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