Prolong cycle

(St Louis, Mo)

I started using progesterone cream about a Lil over a week to regulate my cycle. It started in Dec cycle came down on Dec 17th and went on til I made an appointment with my gyno on the 22 of Jan. This is when he pit me on birt control pills. Triphasel. I was on them for 2yrs...Jan 2016 is when I got off....My cycle was normal besides the heavy clotting and I would stay on for 7-8 days. My normal cycle before was 3-4 days.....Okay..s I had a cycle in Jan I missed Feb...I had one in march, April, and may is when I had one within 2weeks of each other. I had one in June and July. Now the one in July started on the 10th and was prolong until I started the progesterone cream, Which was like the 23rdof July. It slowed down to nothing for a couple days then then there were spotting up til a full cycle on Aug 4th. I'm still on my cycle today. I have not stop my progesterone as this cycle is no heavy clotting. My question is How long will it be before my cycle is regulated. I'm so sick of it.....So ANNOYING.

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