Hi, I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma/empty sella syndrome about 30 years ago. Some MRI reports said it was a micro prolactinoma and others said it was empty sella, so I'm confused. I was on Dostinex for about l8 years and stopped it four years ago and took Vitex for a year. Since then, my prolactin had stayed around 25 which still isn't normal, but much lower than it was years ago when I would go off of my medication (usually around a level of 150). About six months ago, it started going up and now is in the mid 40's, so I'm getting very concerned as I can't go back on the medication because I have heart valve problems now. I tried Tyrosine 500 mg. a day for three weeks and it didn't affect my prolactin at all. I've read that Tyrosine, B6, Omega 3's, progesterone and Vitex can help to lower prolactin.

I'm not sure where to start. Whether to up the dose of Tyrosine, add progesterone or any of the other supplements, I'm very unsure of what to do. I'm trying to find something that is a natural dopamine agonist as the Dostinex was because it kept my prolactin in the normal range. I've read conflicting things about Tyrosine. I read that it is a dopamine agonist, then I read that it wasn't, but that it increases your dopamine. I know that the Dostinex stimulated the D2 receptors, so I'm not sure if Tyrosine is the answer or if maybe progesterone is. Any help would be appreciated. Has anyone else successfully treated this problem with natural treatments?

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Mar 06, 2014
by: Joy

Tyrosine is vital for high prolactin levels. Please read a post by Wray Whyte it will help you to understand a little more - see here.

Please make sure that you use a progesterone cream with the correct progesterone concentration.

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