progestrone cream

by Kay

Using progestrone cream has greatly helped menopausal symptoms. Sadly for me I discovered this stuff after 15 years of suffereing despite using the estrogen patch. I use estrio estadiol and progestrone combined in a cream form made by Hormone heaven, its very convenient to use 2 pumps of it before bedtime, noticed great improvement in sleep, healthy skin and hair less joint pain and amazingly clearing of psariosis, vaginal dryness improved dramatically.

A lot of women have a fear of hormones I noticed early on in my twenties being on Birth control pills would help my joint pains and softened skin and hair so I have had faith in hormones from early on however after my hysterectomy I was told to use estrogen alone and those synthetic progestrone have too many side effects, but after adding estriol and natural progestone did I finally see the 100% improvement. Most RX hormone therapy is lacking estriol and natural progestrone, and you can find some excellent products on line that combine all 3 of the estrogens in a perfect ratio.

My advice to all the ladies using cream form rotate the sight of application and skip it once a week the accumulations of hormones in your system will do more harm and negate the positive.

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