Progestrone and natural mehod for consumption

by Vinoth

We had completed our first marriage anniversary recently and trying for first baby. My wife doc started the treatment past two months after her scan results given below.

Impression : single intramural fibroid seen in the anterior wall to the left measuring 5.1 x 4.5 x 4.9 cm. She had gone follicular study and took about 7 FSH injection and 1 HCG for rupturing her egg. Afterwards gyn suggested to have intercourse for 1 week (9th sept to 16th sept) from 17th september onwards doc advised to take susten 400mg (vaginal) twice a day and duphaston (orally) till 30th Sept.

My question is...
1 whether to go for surgery to remove fibroid or proceed the treatment.
2 give suggestion for using susten before confirming pregnancy.
3 after inserting the capsule (vaginal) deeply, she feels that it is leaking out even after sufficient rest told by the doc. whether having susten (vaginal) along with duphaston (oraly) be effective

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