Progesterone/E2 ratio at Menopause too high...

by Tina
(Quebec, Canada)


Just received hormonal/salivary test report and was surprise of the results...
48 years old woman with no periods since one year now. I supplement with Natpro 50mg morning and night.
My progesterone result are 75 807 Pg/ml and estradiol E2 at 0.8 pg/ml this make my Pg/E2 ratio at 94759...
Would like to bring my ratio to a more normal I continue supplementing at 2 pumps per day or lower dosage?

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Dec 02, 2022
Progesterone/E2 ratio at Menopause too high...
by: Joy

Hi Tina

I confirm that you are now in Menopause. A missed period for 12 months puts one there. Your progesterone test result is higher than 'normal', but levels can go far, far higher, see here.

The main thing, how are you feeling? If you are not experiencing any adverse symptoms then I suggest to keep using the 100mg per day. If not, try 50mg per day and see how you get on. My only concern is that it will aggravate your estrogen receptors. Experiment, see how you get on and do what suits you best. Once can't overdose on progesterone.

take care.

Jan 03, 2023
My results of Progesterone/E2 blood test
by: Tina

Thanks again for your support!! I was a bit suspicious when I saw my salivary results and I went for blood test so here's my results:
FSH 121.8 mIU/mL
LH 46.5
Progesterone 3.0 ng/mL
Estradiol 17pg/mL
Thyroid is in the range and the vitamin D in the optimal levels

I think the ratio is not bad but not feeling good everyday, hot flashes, anxiety, emotional etc...Should I stay with 100mg/day? The doctor even offered me to add estrogen cream but I'm worried that estrogen receptors will wake up..So not to sure what to do next..
Thank you

Jan 04, 2023
My results of Progesterone/E2 blood test
by: Joy

Hi Tina

Gosh that is a huge difference.  What made you suspicious?  Blood tests show a ratio of 42:1; it should be around 600:1 before one notices a difference.  You can read up on this and your other test results here.  Often we are told that test results are 'normal', if this were the case, why do we feel lousy?  Test results on ALL hormones etc should be as stated on the page.

This explains your adverse symptoms.  Please read the page of Hot Flashes and Anxiety. Hot Flashes require 400-500mg per day for about a week. Once they clear you can reduce the amount of cream to suit you. I don't believe that 100mg is helping you at all right now. You might like to try some of those calming hormones mentioned and again, I can't stress enough the importance of Vitamin D3 and the cofactors.  My D3 level is around 125ng/ml and I like to keep it there as that is where I feel at my best.  Between 70 - 100ng/ml is the required optimal range. A deficiency will reduce the benefits of progesterone as mentioned many times on this website.

Are you taking iodine, selenium and tyrosine for your thyroid.  Even if one doesn't have an issue with thyroid, these should be taken thereby avoiding drugs.  View this video by Dr David Brownstein. It is long but worth the view.

You have most probably gathered by reading this website that we do not believe that any woman needs to take extra estrogen. There are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our Environment as it is, why take more?  It merely causes terrible Estrogen Dominance symptoms.  

My suggestion is to use 400-500mg per day until your HF clear, then slowly reduce to 200mg using an organic cream such as Natpro which is a 3% cream. There is absolutely no need to take a break. Ignore any information about taking breaks.   Misinformed people, including medical professionals, can confuse us. You may need to use more, it depends on how severe symptoms are. The How to use Progesterone Cream page will help you to understand more.

Jan 05, 2023
I tought my vitamin D levels was optimal...
by: Tina

Thank you so much for all your good advices! I'm learning slowly and realizing that the hormone world is wide and very unknown from many.
In my blood test, my level of VIT D is at 37 and in the green range (optimal range for that lab) and could be much higher so I will go up with my supplements of VIT D also. Was taking 1000IU/day will crank up to 3000 mg and test again next fall. The fact that I'm living in Quebec Canada with 8 hours of sunlight doesn't help.

I'm taking Natpro cream already and went up already in my dosage!! 100mg/day is definitely not high enough for now...Going to 200mg/day and readjust if needed.

I'm reading every links in your responses and I appreciate that you take time to write cause that helps and support many women like me!

I'm french so hopefully i'm not to bad in my English writing ;o)

Jan 06, 2023
I thought my vitamin D levels was optimal
by: Joy

​Hi Tina

Thank you for your kind words and your English is perfect? Helping women who are desperate puts me on a high, especially when I read about the positive results.

Hormones are complex but easily addressed. All it takes is for one hormone to crash then a cascade of others follow.

Your D3 level at 37 is extremely low. Get that up to optimal range and you will notice a difference. I suggest that you take 10 000iu's for a week, then drop down to 5 000iu's which is the minimum daily allowance. Trust me 3 000iu's will not make a dent.​ Visit the Vitamin D Society and GrassrootsHealthfor more info on this if you are concerned. ​ So many living in Canada are extremely deficient as well as other countries ​where there is​ little sunshine. Then of course we all spend way too much time indoors at our computers and watching TV. Correct supplement is vital. Please don't forget the cofactors, again vital. It's all very well supplementing with D3 but we have to make sure that the body directs it to the correct areas where needed, i.e. teeth, bones etc. and of course they help the body to keep it where it is needed. Magnesium and vitamin K2 do this. Zinc is very important tool

See how you get on with 200mg Natpro per day. Experiment, see what works for you best.

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