by LP

I have been on all naturally compounded progesterone for since the year 2000. I have been over 1 year with out a monthly.

After I had my last monthly I felt the best I'd felt in years! But, now that over a year has passed... the depression, and the crying have started all over again! I am presently taking 125 mg lozenge daily - 1/2 in a.m. 1/2 in p.m. BUT, could it be that I now don't need as much progesterone? (I know that I can't go off of it as I did try one time to cut back to taking 1/2 every other day, just to try it, and was a basket case again so, went back on my fulll dose). But now this has started and I just don't know what to do.

Are there any labs that I can send a saliva test to that will be covered by my insurance? (if not, the cost is $300).

I'm exhausted all the time... Crying, not sleeping well... I can be nice out in public but, then fall apart at home. I accidentally have offended a couple of people... (by writing how I feel about certain things... being more outgoing in a negative way), which isn't like me... but, I used to be this way EVERY MONTH until I got on the progesterone!

Please advise!

I forgot to say, that when I took your test, my number was 44! But, I've been on a high dose of progesterone for over 9 years, now, I'm falling apart again!

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Aug 10, 2009
Ammendment to the above about progesterone
by: LP

I finally figured out what was going on...

I had "tried" to take some kelp to see if it would help me to lose weight but, I also knew that you had to be careful if you were on thyroid meds (I'm on Synthroid), and I think the Kelp was messing me up BIG time. I was getting so tired and nervous (even though I was taking B-12 supplements for my nerves). Then I found this other product titled nerve tonic which only compounded the problem. I was a total basket case. I have since quit the kelp, then a few days later I quit the nerve tonic (I got rid of them one at a time to see if it would help). NOW I am back to feeling myself again, not all cranky, tired, irritable, crying all the time, being nasty, etc. I don't like me when I'm that way! I had to apologize to the people that I had hurt, and hoped that they would forgive me. BUT, I do 100% support all naturally compounded progesterone (I use the troche as my body couldn't absorb the cream - it was a prescription made by the same pharmacy).

How do you know if you have enough? ...when you turn back into a NICE person again! Thanks for listening! LP

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