Progesterone - wow ...

by jayem
(new hampshire, USA )

Hi all - I'm a single mother of 4, with a lifetime of drama with 'endometriosis', and in 2009 i found a lump on my right breast - no health insurance (i live in the US) ... I ignored it until it was the size of a walnut in 2010 - besides the scary lump, i was losing my hair, losing sleep, putting 'unjustified' weight on, and generally slipping down a rabbit hole of depression and anxiety...i really thought 'so, this is it. i'm losing my mind'...with no options, i read anything i could get my hands on and came across Wray's website and learned about progesterone - that was the beginning.

In my research 'travels' i also came across DIM and Calcium D Glucarate as natural supplements to combat e-dom...i employed all three, with much trial and error. Slowly, i started to feel better, and in feeling better, read more and more. The lump simply went away within 3 months (have had subsequent exams, as we have now had ins for the last 3 years - i'm healthy - I will never know what that was but i do know it's gone)...As i became more educated on the subject, and bolder, i have tried different levels of pro-G with varied results: Up around 400mg, I anesthetized myself (twice!), which i didn't like at all, but found fascinating and made a 'note to self'; at 3 solid months of 160 -180mgs/daily (no break), my cervix felt like it was dilating (no pain at all, but pressure)- made another "note to self" and lowered my levels to 120-140/daily, with 'breaks' (which i can only tolerate for about 3 days), and now I have put away the DIM and Calcium D Glucarate, and will continue with the pro-g at 100mgs/daily to 'see what happens'. My diet, i should mention, has changed COMPLETELY during this time as well, which makes a huge difference, i believe ...

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Mar 04, 2015
Progesterone - wow ...
by: Wray

Hi Jayem I love your humour! Progesterone can be used as an anaesthetic, see Stress. Dr Hans Selye, the 'father of stress' discovered this aspect. It's not harmful of course, but odd! There's more about the 'lump' on our page about Breast Cysts. They are often caused by excess oestrogen, but a lack of iodine causes them too. There's also no harm in not bleeding either, see here. This is another worth reading here. Take care Wray

Mar 04, 2015
thanks Wray!!
by: jayem

...had i known that i could use pro-g as anesthesia while i was still married, i may have considered making my mother-in-law a very special "lotion for dry skin" (shhhh - wink wink!)

Seriously, I want you to know i do appreciate your seemingly tireless efforts in educating the masses and thereby giving us all the gift of self-empowerment...not only priceless today, but as the 'soup' of toxins we are living in seems to be thickening, your gift and contribution is critical... So, thank you Wray!

I believe it is wise to consider multi-therapies, progesterone being one of the most powerful, in my experience. The issue is when you simply don't feel good it's hard to self-start, well, anything!
And that's where my heart breaks for those who lack support... So, "yes", of course i will continue to link my clients, friends and family to your website, where you have provided a wonderful, caring, supportive place for the curious to the most desperate, and everyone in between...

Mar 04, 2015
by: Susie

I love hearing success stories, eapecially from people who have learned how to listen to their bodies :-)

Mar 05, 2015
Progesterone - wow ...
by: Wray

Hi Jayem Bless you for the kind words! As you might have seen, I also agree with you about the multi nutritional approach. My mainstay are the amino acids, they can work miracles. Take care Wray

Mar 07, 2015
by: Suzanne

Hi Jayem, curious how much CDG and DIM were you taking and were you taking them together? Thanks for sharing your experience!

Mar 15, 2015
by: jayem

Hi - when e-dom was really bad years ago, under the guidance of a reputable herbatologist, i took 500mg CDG, along with 100mg DIM 3x daily (for 6 months)- so that's a daily total of 1,500 CDG (split) and 300mg DIM (split) this, for the whole 6 months, 1,000 mg of Vit C daily, to help with detox effects...

today, I take 250 mg CDG, 3x daily, and have kept the DIM the same all these years - 100 mg DIM 3x daily: daily totals CDG 750mg (split), DIM 300 (split)...

I weigh 115 and am 5'5" tall, peri menopausal for 2 years ...

Hope that helps !!

FUN FACT: Both CDG and DIM are marketed to men in this country via body building magazines and websites as supplements "for building lean muscle" - which we know is just super clever marketing! CDG and DIM don't "build muscle" , lean or otherwise... CDG and DIM remove xeno-e's, allowing physical training efforts to manifest without interference of "gender bending" toxins (for both men and women)!

Without altering my diet back when i started these therapies, 10 lbs "fell off" me (interesting... made me question the "10 lb per decade rule" for "permanent weight gain for women"... these therapies turned "the RULE" into vapor...So, listen to your body - ALWAYS your best bet - and keep an open mind when you hear/read information - don't stop at the "headline" - dig deeper, and then keep "checking in", as new information is updated constantly!!

And, just a note: CDG at "high" levels (3,500 - 5,000 mgs daily) will clear ALL steroid hormones (natural & xeno hormones) = do your research!! "Some is good, more is DEFINITELY not better!)

Mar 20, 2015
Thanks Jayem
by: Suzanne

Good info, thank you! I'm taking CDG, 500mg. My saliva E is high. I tried adding 1000mg at bedtime but felt yucky the next morning. Like low cortisol. Maybe I'll try just a 250 mg increase. Are you using Natrol brand? I haven't started DIM.Do you think they work best together?

Thanks JAyem, I appreciate the guidence

Mar 20, 2015
by: Suzanne

oops, one more question for Jayem, what brand of DIM do you use? I know there's issues with most being made with soy. Thanks!

Mar 21, 2015
DIM & CDG = companions
by: jayem

Hi - "yes", DIM & CDG work best as companions for clearing xeno-e...

I would suggest "micro managing" dosing for a week:

Take your DIM.
Wait 20-30 mins
Feel PMS-like symptoms rise (have no fear!)
Take your CDG -again, PAY ATTENTION over the next 20 - 30 minutes!
Make a note as you feel those PMS-like symptoms go away...
Make a note of the time of day you took both DIM & CDG
Make a note if you had an empty belly/full belly/hydration/dehydration
CDG has a 5 hour working window
As it wears off, note how you feel

I believe it is critical to slow down and understand and FEEL, which is how you'll understand how to use these tools...(A hammer is a great tool, until you smack your self on the hand with it...)

My first dose is at 5am (waking), 12 noon-ish, and 5 pm-ish...i have peed n pooped my xeno-es out for the day before going to bed (last pee @ 10;30/11:00 pm)

How's THAT for "TMI"?? lol!

I get how they work for me/the effects, so i just take DIM & CDG at the same time now...

There is a possibility that you felt "gross" in the am after taking CDG because ("yes") it may have played with your cortisol...

DIM pushing xeno e out of the liver and into your system would give CDG the 'right' steroid hormone to 'hunt down'

BUT i wonder how you felt after first elimination (= pee n poop) that morning ?

20 - 30 minutes after elimination, did you feel better? (did the gross feeling pass, or linger?)
Were you possibly having "detox" hangover" (too much clearing at once)?

What time did you take CDG at night?

It works in a five hour window - were urine/feces
loaded with xeno-es in a "holding pattern" in your organs while you slept? Or did you eliminate before falling to sleep?

RE: brand - sad to say, i'm a pauper, so at this time i cannot afford brands like THORNE or PUREFORMULAS - but if you can swing it, do your research first to find ingredient origin (they don't always label = contact manufacturer and ask directly) & give those a try ... (does Natpro sell DIM & CDG?)

I use store brand Vitamin Shoppe for both, and they work great/are affordable ...I'm turning a blind eye to any 'soy', although i whole-heartedly agree with you = avoid soy like the plague - GMO soy, organic soy - all of it - Soy is not an E-dom person's friend ... hope this helps!

Mar 22, 2015
DIM & CDG = companions
by: Wray

Hi Jayem In answer to your query re 'does Natpro sell DIM & CDG?', unfortunately not. As you say find a good quality product, I can't recommend any particular brand myself. Take care Wray

Mar 22, 2015
by: Suzanne

Jayem, you rock! You have given me valuable info and tips to consider! It would never have dawned on me to take these early in the day to take the toxic load off the liver at night.

Ok, I'm going do as you suggest. Hope you don't mind if I come back for more 😝

Thank you!

Mar 25, 2015
thanks Wray & Ur welcome Suzanne
by: jayem


Mar 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Sorry for the confusion. I use CDG by Natrol, very close to NatPro.

Sep 23, 2016
CDG dose
by: Michelle

This thread and website have been a wealth of knowledge for me. Thank you to all those involved and to Wray for starting it years ago. When you say that CDG at high doses clears all steroid hormones, does that include testosterone as well? I have high E on saliva (3x higher than it should be at a level of 9) and high testosterone. I started taking the CDG six weeks ago at 500mg three time a day. Towards the end of my period this month, I increased my Natpro dose to 400mg and increased my CDG dose to 2500mg as I felt my ED symptoms were getting worse (mainly dry and irritated down below). I am 34 and have been diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis as well as had to have my gallbladder removed earlier this year. Should I take a higher dose of CDG to help with my high testosterone level? On a good note, since starting the higher dosage of Natpro, I haven't felt this good in a long time. Thanks for all your help!

Sep 26, 2016
CDG/2,500 daily, split x5 doses?
by: jayem nh

...sorry - just need a little clarity :)

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