Progesterone while breastfeeding

by Amanda
(United States )

Hi Wray,

I'm using a small dose of progesterone cream while nursing my 10 month old. I started because I've been dealing with severe postpartum depression, and since my cycle came back I also have awful PMS symptoms throughout the month.

I'm worried about the safety of using it in regards to my supply and if it will affect my baby? I also started it only two days ago and have what seems to be my period already, which is strange considering I'm not due to have it for another two weeks.

Do I keep using it even though I'm bleeding or do I stop and consider this my new period? Otherwise if I continue for two weeks and then stop, I'll most likely have my period again so I'm confused.

Is this a good sign that it's working? I'm only on 40 mg per day, as I've found in the past that I don't seem to need a high dosage.

Thank you!

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