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I first want to say thank you so much! There's such excellent information here! Clearly much Research has gone into making this site so Great!

So I have been using Progesterone Cream(10%) for a month & before that, I used Progesterone Cream 3% for a month. I WISH I would have started on a MUCH higher dose from the START! It was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for me to stay on Progesterone up until about a week ago. I was only using 30-60mg's a day (split into 2 doses) the 1st Month & Really DID see exactly what I read here happening! More Estrogen Dominance symptoms! ESPECIALLY the "spare tire" issue!

I'm 49, in menopause now. I believe I am beginning to see results in this 2nd month. I'm now using about 200mg's in the AM & 200 again at night. FINALLY my belly is SLOWLY getting flatter! I noticed that when I began to add in D3 serum, along with magnesium! It's VERY easy to blame issues one is having on PROGESTERONE but it's true one must stick with it! I bet I will only see more improvement! Hoping so! I sleep great now! Feel more calm.

I want to (I think?) get to 200-300mg's a day but worry about weaning down too quickly. What do you think about tapering down? I have not had any testing of Hormone levels except Estrogen & needless to say, because I wasn't tested for ANYTHING ELSE, it looks LOW, but SURELY not as tremendously low as my Progesterone! I read about someone who INSISTS she became very ill after several months on Progesterone Cream, THAT is scary to me! I HOPE this isn't something I will absolutely experience! Also, I think I MAY BE insulin resistant & have ordered Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberries) to help. Will ask my Dr for a test next appointment in a few days, my BP, Cholesterol & Sugar which are ALL Normally VERY LOW, suddenly SHOT UP several months ago & scared me badly! I THINK that is from Estrogen Dominance?? Any Suggestions on what I'm doing properly or not are Welcome! Will I continue to get leaner? I'm very short, usually 94-96 pounds maximum & am very vain. Always been able to manipulate my weight but now, in menopause, am unable to BUDGE the scale!

I plan to stick with the D3 (despite living in FL as I rarely lay out anymore) as well as Progesterone Cream! Unless someone tells me some reason I shouldn't? What do You Think?

Thank you in advance for any info/suggestions/etc!
Much appreciated!

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Jan 28, 2018
progesterone and vitamin d3
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you are doing great, so stick to it is my advice. I love progesterone and take a lot of it too. I intend to stay with it. Reducing is, I suppose, up to the individual. If something works why change it, is my belief. It is safe, as you will read on this website. No other site gives the information about progesterone as this one does. Wray Whyte put her heart and soul into creating it. She knew what she was talking about. I am forever grateful to her.

All the best to you!

Jan 29, 2018
Progesterone & Vitamin D3
by: Joy

Many thanks for your kind words about the website. I have been using Natpro which is a 3.33% cream for 15 years now and I will never stop. I agree, progesterone always gets the blame. If progesterone is not used correctly it will not work.

It should be used every day for 2-6 months, the aim is to make progesterone the dominant hormone. As soon as you feel stable after 2-6 months use you can then use progesterone by following a regular cycle, you may need longer, it all depends on how severe your symptoms are. You are in Peri-Menopause and if your monthly cycle is erratic it is best to use the cream every day as it becomes difficult to use by following a cycle. A missed period for 12 months puts one in Menopause. I am pleased to read that you are using the cream twice a day. The amount to use is something that you will have to experiment with.

It is always best to use more cream in the beginning to avoid those terrible estrogen dominance symptoms. Once you feel stable you can slowly start to reduce the amount used. Reduce by 20mg and stay on that amount for a week, then reduce again by another 20mg and so on. I can't really say how much you should reduce by if using a 10% cream, advice given here is based on the 3.33% cream. Again you will have to experiment with this.

If you suspect that you may have Insulin Resistance, then please have a test, but also read the page on it given below.

Vitamin D3 is vital as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, optimal range is between 70-100ng/mL. Co-factors are also needed when taking D3.

Please read these pages if you have not done so already.

How to use Progesterone Cream
Estrogen Dominance
Vitamin D3
Insulin Resistance

Jan 29, 2018
Reply to Anonymous
by: Summer

Hi Anonymous!
Thank You for reply!
I'm happy you said to simply stay on this dose I'm currently taking!
Did you also start like I did? Or did you start at 400 or more?
Can you please tell me how long it took for you to see results & if you don't mind, what were they? Like, did you start Progesterone Cream because of weight gain & moods & everything like I did? (Honestly I really started to get rid of the excess weight! )

Like I said, I'm only just beginning to see a little more of flatness on my belly but I have a LONG WAY to go! It probably does NOT help that I misplaced the last bottle of P cream I purchased & for like 2-3 days I had no choice but to use the original cream (in SERIOUS EXCESS (it's only 30 mg's per dose & VERY difficult to get even 200mg's in a single dose!) so I am HOPING that's why I feel like I'm back where I started today!

I ordered a new bottle (the 10%!) & had it overnight delivered. (I was pretty funny waiting for its arrival too! Waiting for it by the front door all day!) I have never taken any "break" from Progesterone Cream as the ONE time I did, I felt terrible! So I guess I'm just still sticking with this in the hope that I will lose all the 10-12 pounds I want to! I definitely feel much calmer as I originally said, just I want MY BODY BACK!

Also, do you take D3? Have you personally seen a difference?
Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor & I'm going to ask for a test to see if I'm using enough of it.

I desperately want to feel & look normal again. Nobody that's not going through this nightmare called menopause really understands how AWFUL it truly is!

My GYN told me that the reason I'm having such a long, difficult time is because I smoke. I know my mother did not go through it as badly as I seem to be but she DID get sudden high cholesterol BP & sugar too. She's now 80 & Fine.

I get discouraged sometimes, but, as you said, it's easy to see Wray has ABSOLUTELY put her heart & soul into the research & excellent info on this site! Thank goodness I came across it!

One more Q, well maybe 2:
Did it take you or anyone else longer than a couple of months to see results & do those results get even better?
Also once we begin using Progesterone, do we stay on it forever? I mean if EVER you stop, do you feel just as before you ever used it?

So sorry. Just I feel desperate yet am absolutely staying on it!
Thank You again for reply!
And I hope all is well!

Feb 01, 2018
by: Karen Robertson

I just want to contribute with saying an ENORMOUS thank you to the late Dr Wray and to Joy for all their selfless support, guidance and information. I have an awful lot to thank you guys for. In my opinion no one need doubt any of the information on this website. It is wonderfully researched and put together.

Thank you sooo much.

Feb 01, 2018
Thank you
by: Justine

Thank you so much for your wonderful words, they are greatly appreciated. x

Feb 01, 2018
progesterone vitamin D
by: Anonymous

Hello, I started out with the 100mg and worked my way up over time to 400mg. In my case I had hot flashes and hair thinning I was worried about. I have no hot flashes now thanks to progesterone. Hair is taking time to settle. It is not an overnight fix, I realize that. And it may, in my case, be related to other things.

You have to listen to your body and go with that. Whatever feels comfortable. Weight gain may also have to do with thyroid, so I would check that. Around menopause or after women have babies, the thyroid can become low, hence weight gain. Also the lowering of progesterone and the ongoing estrogen is a huge factor. Diet and exercise of course are important.

The best way is to check your basal temperature by putting a digital thermometer under your armpit and leave it there for 10 minutes before turning it on. Do this first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. If the reading is between 97.8-98.2 you are considered normal range. Below that may indicate low thyroid. Progesterone does support thyroid, so it can help a lot. Thyroid has to do with metabolism, weight issues, energy, clarity of thought, etc.

I am a huge believer in iodine and take Lugol's Iodine to support my thyroid and I take a thyroid supplement (not prescription). I do not have excess belly fat and am quite slim. I honestly believe that is because of the progesterone and the iodine I take - and I am in my 60's. Iodine is also so important for every cell in the body. Please look up Dr. David Brownstein's opinions on the subject of iodine.

In so far as how long you take progesterone at "high" levels, is personal. I just like how it makes me feel. I sleep well, have good weight and energy and I believe it has helped my thyroid a lot! At this point don't wish to lower it. I do not think there are set rules as to how long or how much progesterone a woman should take. If you feel good on the amount, great, stay with it, is my belief.

I also take Vitamin D 3, absolutely! Periodically I have my levels checked with a simple blood test (about the only blood testing I do ). My levels are around 80 - 100ng/ml. It is one of the most important hormones (it is a hormone Vitamin D) you can take.

I also eat organic foods and exercise, practice daily Meditation and just try to be me!! Like any other human being, I have days when all is well and days when things upset me, but the thing I try to remember is to let yourself express what you need.

EFT is another tool I utilize - Emotional Freedom Technique. This is very, very powerful and it so easy to do. All you need is you, no equipment, just your fingers tapping on meridian points of the body. Please look that up. I think you will find this extremely helpful in releasing hidden emotions that sometimes get in the way of clarity.

I wish you all the best! Keep doing what you are doing!

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