Progesterone use and urine/body smell

by Michael


I am an active 59yo male weighing 87kgs and have been using progesterone since mid December, 2022. The product I am using is a topical solution and my dose has mainly been 36mg/day split over morning and evening application.
I have been using this to assist with BPH. My current PSA reading is 5.0 which is borderline for my age and apart from going to the toilet frequently this is not causing me too many issues. (I sleep through the night most nights) I was querying possible pre-diabetes however my fasting bloods are consistently 4.8 to 5.0 and a urine analysis shows no sugar or ketones in the blood.
I did have a UTI at the start of April which cleared within a week, however since that time my urine has a strong odour and I believe I am also getting a milder version of the same smell on my torso. This smell is similar to the smell of the progesterone I am using and I was wondering whether it is possible I have reached 'peak progesterone' and I am simply excreting what I don't need?
I have been slowly decreasing my usage by 6mg/day each week to see if this is the case and am currently at 24mg/day.
Also, over the last six weeks I have noticed my libido and erection quality have also declined.
Looking forward to any opinions you may have - thanks

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May 05, 2023
Progesterone use and urine/body smell
by: Joy

Hi Michael

Topical progesterone is always preferred. Progesterone does detox one when first using it. The fact that you have been using the same brand progesterone since December 2022 with no issues regarding odour indicates to me that it is not the progesterone causing this. Have you checked to see that the ingredients haven't changed? Or it could just be your body adjusting after your UTI treatment. Have you been using anything else that may have caused this or perhaps eaten something. Often when people detox they experience bad odours. I suggest that you preserve and see if this settles down. If not, consider changing brands. There is no 'progesterone peak', the body uses it. Should you start to experience adverse symptoms because you are reducing then return to the amount originally used.

You might find Progesterone for Men and the Libido pages helpful. Try taking some tyrosine, it helps with libido.

Should you experience more UTi's try this solution:

* 100ml bicarbonate of soda
* 275ml vitamin C powder

Take 5ml ml of the mixture and mix with 1 cup of water 3 times a day until symptoms have gone. Once it has cleared up it is advisable to continue taking it for another 2 to 3 days to make sure that it has cleared up.

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