Progesterone Therapy

by Terri

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and 48 years old. I have had severe night sweats, continual bloating, water retention and extreme fatigue, as well as severe depression for several years.

All blood tests WNL according to doctors. Being fed-up, I began progesterone treatments. The night sweats and extreme fatigue ended immediately. However, the other symptoms continue to be a problem. I take 1/2 tsp. 2X daily. Any further suggestions to alleviate more of the other symptoms?

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Jan 02, 2010
Progesterone Therapy
by: wray

Hi Terri. I'm pleased the night sweats and fatigue have gone. Progesterone is such a good diuretic it's being used for brain trauma victims, so please persevere with it. I'm sure the water retention will eventually go too. It can help with depression if mild, but for severe depression you will need the amino acid tryptophan. Please see this web page on depression. Take care, Wray

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