Progesterone: The key fit

by Mary S.

After menopause (cessation of bleeding 15 months) I had kidney pain, severe migraines and body aches at all times. Severe fatigue hit me and I had adrenal exhaustion. I was sick for months and was using progesterone cream (otc). It seems whenever I use the cream my body feels better, but I do think hormone testing after menopause is a must because one has no progesterone at that time, and when it is missing, you can experience a myriad of symptoms. My feeling is, after much research, that it may be possible that cfs, fibromyalgia and adrenal dysfunction all could fall under one name, that is, hormone imbalance. Period. Because I had severe pmdd during peri and still suffer afterwards, I would strongly suggest perimenopause women get balanced before menopause as to avoid what I went through. Thank You.

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Nov 20, 2007
Progesterone and menopasue
by: Wray

Hi Mary, I couldn't agree more with your sentiments! Peri-menopause was impossible for me. Symptoms were so varied, they fell under so many 'ologies' that no one could pin point what was wrong.

After starting the progesterone cream they all went, thank heavens! I hope many women take heed of what you've written. Many thanks, take care Wray

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