Progesterone stopped my peri-menopausal flooding, acne, and other symptoms of imbalance.

by Kristen S.
(Irvine, CA)

After having regular menstrual cycles my whole life, I skipped my period for about 90 days 3 months after I turned 45.

I also started having severe acne, consisting of small hard bumps all over my face and neck and painful, swollen cysts on my jaw, chin, and chest.

When I started my period again, it lasted about 4 weeks and was chunky with pink tissue pieces. It became irregular and heavy from there. In between, discharge was thin, watery, with a strange vinegary odor, and frequent spotting. I also had urinary frequency. No infection found by Dr.

About 9 months after all this began, I started a period that did not stop for 6 weeks. There was a week in there of very heavy flooding with large clots (filling up a diva cup every hour). Of course the docs recommend birth control pills and/or total hysterectomy- No thank you!!

Thank God for this site. I started 500mg daily of progesterone cream divided in 2 doses am and pm. The flooding stopped immediately. I continued to bleed and spot off and on, but now 2 months later, no bleeding and my skin is as smooth as a baby's behind. Discharge is now normal, no smell, and no urinary urgency.

I should also note, I have suffered 2x monthly migraines since about age 36 that are now gone. I am working on slowly reducing progesterone cream dose. I also am taking supplements as suggested on this site, Calcium D, DIM, NAC, Vitamin D, iodine, multi vits and minerals.

I feel like a normal person again!

Please try it if you are suffering like I was!!

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May 15, 2017
I have a few questions for you...
by: Anonymous

Sorry for your experience! I am going through something similar, and am awaiting some replies to MY post on this forum.

Anyways, few questions, if you could answer them one by one, that'd be great.

1. What ALL workup tests did your MD do when you went to him/her with your menorrhagia complaints?

2. Were they all normal?

3. Were you taking iron during all that bleeding?

4. How long has it been since your "6wk bleeding period" began?

5. Once that episode resolved, are your periods back to normal? If so, how often do they come?

6. How much cream are you currently applying per day and do you apply every day or stop for those 12-14 days from ovulation to mense?

7. What places on your body, do you apply the cream? And, do you rotate them each time?

Thanks very much for your help here!

May 15, 2017
Progesterone stopped my peri-menopausal flooding, acne and other symptoms of imbalance
by: Joy

Hi Kristen

How wonderful and thank you so much for sharing your story with us. What you described were typical Peri-Menopause symptoms and look how easy it was to clear without BCP or an hysterectomy. How easy and convenient of our medical professions to suggest either. I am so pleased that you refused.

Clearly you have read this website well and know exactly how to reduce SLOWLY. If you reduce by too much and too quickly, symptoms will return. Reduce by no less than 20mg at a time, stay on the reduced amount for a week and continue reducing like that until you find a level that will suit you.

I must point out however, that your symptoms cleared up relatively quickly, some poor women really suffer and it takes a long time for things to fall into place for them. Headaches, in your case was very clearly caused by excess estrogen, same as your other symptoms.

Many thanks for trusting and believing in the advice given on this website.

Onward and upwards for you.

Take care.

May 18, 2017
Re: Progesterone stopped my peri-menopausal flooding, acne, and other symptoms of imbalance.
by: Kristen S.

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry you are suffering too. It is terrible, so of course I will answer your questions if it can help.

When I went to the doctor, he tested me for urinary tract infection and bacterial vaginal infection. Both tests ended up being negative, but didn't have the results until a couple of days after the visit. The doctor also ordered an ultrasound. He sent me home with a prescription for birth control pills to "see if it would stop the bleeding" and a suggestion to take extra iron supplements (which I was already doing due to a friend who had to have a blood transfusion because of heavy peri-menopausal flooding). The doctor stated that the bleeding can be due to cysts, fibroids, etc., and listed a few treatments that may be available depending what is found, but in all cases, hysterectomy was mentioned as the answer.

I did go to the ultrasound, which was normal. I didn't do any of the treatments suggested by the doctor, and just started the progesterone and the other supplements as mentioned in my original post.

It has been two months since my flooding episode. As I mentioned, the flooding and clots slowed down a day or two after starting the progesterone. I did continue to spot and bleed for a while, but after a month on the progesterone I did have what seemed like a normal period. I bled for about 6 days and stopped. That was about 2 weeks ago. I am still spotting off and on, but I am feeling so much better. My skin has dramatically cleared up, but is not perfect yet by any means. It does continue to improve every day.

As for amounts of cream, I do 250 mg in the morning, (5 pumps of Natpro) and 250 mg, (another 5 pumps) in the evening for a total of 500 mg daily. I have been inserting it vaginally, but not the whole dose always. I also put it on my chest, bottoms of feet, abdomen, inner arms, back of neck, I even use it on my face.

I am slowly reducing now, and no, I have not taken a break. I found when I decreased too dramatically, the bleeding came back. My plan is to use the progesterone daily without break indefinitely, but I want to try to reduce the amount I am using. It is very expensive!!

Hope that helps some,

Kristen S.

Hope you find the answer for yourself soon.

Sep 29, 2017
Update: Constant Bleeding/Flooding Help for Others
by: Kristen S.

I feel compelled to provide an update to my original post, because I really appreciate reading others experiences, especially when I was suffering at my worst looking for support and reassurance. I want to offer a glimmer of hope and to encourage others to keep going, even through bad symptoms, and even if it seems like it will never get better.

I have continued using Natpro, and am now up to 1000 mg. daily plus taking all of the supplements above religiously. Cutting sugar from my diet really seemed to speed up the healing. From my original post, things did not stay on the up and up. The flooding, pink, chunky discharge, and urinary frequency did not return. But, my bleeding continued, as well as skin break-outs for some time (although not as severe). The migraines also have not completely gone (but less frequent and severe). I basically had been bleeding continuously since my last post. Mainly spotting, but sometimes a little heavier with very tiny clots. But, I am happy to say that as of one week ago, I finally stopped all bleeding, and my parts downstairs actually feel normal. This is a record. My skin looks great, but still suffer from a couple small breakouts here and there (but clear up quick and don't get as swollen). Had a bad migraine about two weeks ago which switched sides and lasted about 4-5 days. But, none since. Honestly, I can deal with a migraine here and there and a few breakouts, but the constant bleeding? No thank you!!

My two cents, I found that it is very important to stick with the same amount of progesterone cream (at a high enough dose) and use it at least 2x per day at the same times (I divide my doses 4x daily)for a good period of time. Every time I increased, I got estrogen dominant symptoms (even at the high amount I am on!). Since being on the 1,000 mg for 30 days, I finally feel on top of the symptoms. I hope it holds out. It has been about six months since I started the Natpro. Like I mentioned above, the supplements and cutting sugar really help as well. I really did feel like I would never stop bleeding and never have a normal life again.

Kristen S.

Jan 12, 2022
by: Anonymous

Oh my, so happy the original p9ster stopped bleed8ng but the fact that she bled for 6 months before finally stopping and having to use 1000mg a day plus other supps and no sugar does not bode well for this product.

Jan 12, 2022
by: Joy

Many thanks for your input. I am a little baffled by your comment. Are you actually referring to Natpro or progesterone in general? Had Kirsten not persevered with Natpro and the nutrients mentioned, she would still be experiencing problems. To me a clear indication that progesterone works!

This website clearly states that progesterone can take anything from 2-6 months, possibly longer before positive results are archived.

Enjoy your day.

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