Progesterone stopped my long term period bleeding!

by Jessica
(Texas )

Using USP wild yam progesterone cream has STOPPED my chronic, long term, heavy, period bleeds when doctors haven’t helped me for several years and when they do, it’s the toxic synthetic hormones that don’t help long term and cause more harm than I started with!

As a perk, shortly after using this cream I also noticed my blood pressure stabilize and the skin on my face become soft for the first time in years. It worked within 24 hours to stop my bleeding (two days sooner than synthetic prescribed progestin) then when I started to spot again a week later, I just upped the dose until it worked (stopped the bleeding) to know how much I needed. I’m so happy I got to avoid another doctor visit and avoided receiving another blood transfusion by using this cream.
Life saver!

I’m hopeful now that we can have another baby too. I’m almost 38.


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Feb 22, 2021
Progesterone stopped my long term period bleeding!
by: Joy

Hi Jessica

I am so pleased to read how progesterone has helped you. I find that most doctors don't like going the natural route, they prefer to prescribe drugs, which is so sad. Lots of people also get confused between progesterone which is natural and progestin which is synthetic. Many have argued with me about this insisting that they were given progesterone when in fact it was progestin. There is an excellent video explain the difference between the two on this Page. Progesterone helps so many of our modern day ailments if used correctly.

Have you read the Pregnancy page? I might help you. You are also in the Peri-Menopause phase which brings on so many problems as well.

Good luck.

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