Progesterone Saved My Marriage

I am 29 and have been taking progesterone for a little over 6 months. From the time I had my son (who is now 3) I became withdrawn, anxious, gained weight, and had absolutely no desire to be close to my husband. I am not talking just a lack of sexual desire (though that was there, too). I did not want him to talk to me, hold my hand, sit next to me on the couch, hug me, etc.

This went on for over 2 years. I also was starting to lose my sense of humor. I did not feel like myself, and I told my doctor that. My doctor's response was that it was normal since I had just had a baby. No. It was not "normal" and was not getting any better. I finally found an ad in the newspaper about natural hormone replacement therapy with a list of symptoms. I was surprised that I had ALL of the listed symptoms. A blood test showed that my progesterone levels were low and since I've been on the hormone therapy, I feel much more like my old self. My husband is relieved that he has me back. During those two years, I often heard him ask me if I wanted a divorce. I was so withdrawn from him... nobody else, just him. Taking progesterone has truly saved my marriage and gave me my life back.

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Apr 04, 2009
Progesterone Saved My Marriage
by: Wray

Hi There Wonderful story, thanks for sharing it! Take care Wray

Aug 03, 2011
progesterone saved my marriage
by: Anonymous

Me and my wife have been married for 36 years i have allways had a high sex drive . My wife had a total hysterectomy about 13 years ago at first it did not seam to hurt our sex life but as time went by she got were she wanted sex less and less to the point she detested me and I knew it I seen it as a lack of love for me. Even though she said she loved me and said I just dont want it period was her responce. That crushed me I was depressed I tried everything roses gifts vacations to Puerto Rico you name it.I really thought it was hopeless I love my wife very much and have never had a affair even though it was tempting. I would not do it. I ran across these exerts from a book dr lee wrote on progesterone and sex drive I ordered some progesterone from amazon biodentical is what it stated on the jar. she started useing 20 to 30 mg a day of this within one month she had a higher sex drive than me I was thinking is this a head thing but it was not she had bad vaginal dryness and she stays wet all the time now. she wants me all the time she never had this kind of sex drive ever So believe me there is hope. By the way she was on estridiol patch .05 mg the whole time but that alone would not do it . Even though she never cut me off completely we had a agreement sex was so empty before progesterone please dont give up if need be get dr lees book google it I dont have it I just gathered my information googleing. The name of progesterone is natural raidiance from amazon we also tried the estriol and the testosterone to no avail She uses progesterone with the estridiol patch and estrace cream for vaginal dryness which she uses on her labia. the sex drive came before the vaginal dryness was fixed life is wonderful. I have never posted anything like this before but if this can help somebody else its worth it. RICKEY A HAPPY MAN IN LOUISIANA

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