Progesterone questions

by farshad

Hello I have a few questions about progesterone

1. What's the progesterone half life? people say it's 12 hours so would I need to dose it twice a day or is once enough?

2. Is progesterone taken orally (not sublingual) better than cream? according to this article it is:

quote from the article :

''Progesterone for these purposes is best given orally. This does not mean that topical delivery does not give benefits. But the best brain, nervous system, gut, and sleep benefits come from oral delivery. Individual cases may vary as to who does better with time release versus fast acting.

Why oral? When progesterone is swallowed, it passes from the stomach first to the liver (this is called the first “hepatic pass”). A progesterone derivative or metabolite is formed in the liver, called allopregnanolone.''

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Feb 05, 2018
Progesterone questions
by: Joy

Hi Farshad

To keep progesterone levels stable it should be used no less that twice a day as levels start to drop after 12-13 hours.

Oral progesterone is not the best delivery method as 96% get destroyed by the gut and liver.

Please read Delivery Methods -

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