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Dear Wray,

I have one more question for you regarding ProgestaCare.

I started using it about one month ago and then after 3 weeks I took a break from it for about 5 days.

I started using it again yesterday and now I have bleeding again. Is it normal to have bleeding when I first start progesterone? I did not have any bleeding the five days I took my break from using the progestaCare.

I know you mentioned to someone on your site that natural progesterone can prevent ovarian cancer and cysts, do you know if it can cure ovarian cancer and cysts?

Thank you and best wishes,


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May 08, 2013
Progesterone cream and ovarian cancer
by: Anonymous

I have used progesterone cream (natural) for probably 18 years. I am 58 and post menopausal. I was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer so the answer is a definite no, it does not prevent ovarian cancer!

May 08, 2013
Progesterone cream and ovarian cancer
by: Wray

Hi there I answered Frances on another page she started, which is why I haven't replied to her on this page. I would be interested in hearing how much progesterone you've been using. As it is effective for cancer, very effective. But if the standard 20-40mg/day is used it's not, as it stimulates oestrogen if used in low amounts. You might like to read this page here. Amongst other things it says "The antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of P4 have been reported for breast, endometrial, ovarian, colon and salivary gland tumors in vitro and in vivo." It is necessary to use very high amounts to reverse it, at least 1000mg/day, preferably 2000mg/day. Take care Wray

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