Progesterone question

by Sarita

I have done pregnancy test (2 days after i missed my periods) at home and it came positive. So i went in for a check up , there the doctor couldn't see the baby in the machine and later, she wrote a prescription of Susten-200 (soft gelatin capsule) twice daily along with Cap Foliaine once daily.

I came home with the medicine and had it after my meal, (as doctor's advised - i may feel giddiness so it can be taken vaginally then) I slept for an hour or so and then after i woke, i worked around the house for an hour, then the giddiness came on very strongly and it kept on for 1/2 hour!!!.

What i don't understand is:-
1) Without checking the score for a need of progesterone, why was i prescribed the medication?
2) Without the history of miscarriage, why was i prescribed the medication?
3) I am already a mother of 1 normal , healthy child and was not prescribed susten-200 that time so i was confused this time about the medicine so i googled susten-200 and came onto your web and I checked your test for progesterone and my score is "4.5"!!!???

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Oct 20, 2011
Progesterone question
by: Wray

Hi Sarita It certainly doesn't appear as if you need progesterone. As you point out your score on the questionnaire was very low, and you haven't experienced any miscarriages etc. It certainly won't harm you, but I really feel it's not needed. I would ask your doctor why she gave it to you. The giddiness was due to progesterone initially stimulating oestrogen, oestrogen can cause giddiness. There's more info on our Oestrogen Dominance page. Oral progesterone is not the best Delivery system, I would recommend using it in your vagina. Take care Wray

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