Progesterone proven to GROW fibroids (See RU 486 abortion pill discoveries)

by jilly

At diao of large wide fibroids age 58 10 yrs AFTER menopause I used t spoon of bio id progesterone 2 x day. Fibroid was unnoticeble UNTIL I DID THIS. Within one mo i looked 3 months preg. I used DIM - fibroids hardened. Abdomen will not shrink! I am using Lugol's iodine 4-8 drops orally with pure water a day - 2 months.
I take the companion vits B3/4 plus complex and extra iositol, Selenium, Zinc. C sep 2 x day. Just read fibroid risks with DIM - this is new. WOMEN MUST KNOW progesterone GROWS fibroids. NEW INFO. RU 486 stops body from using progesterone (aborting) and all fibroids dissolved. Dont be lied to. Even well intending advice is outdated!

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Jul 15, 2015
Progesterone proven to GROW fibroids
by: RJ

Hello Jilly,
There have been hundreds of women who have "personal proof" that progesterone has worked miracles for them. How long progesterone is taken...three years here...what type and strength of progesterone is used...Natpro anywhere from 400-1,000 mg a all very crucial in progesterone being successful. I find it unnerving that you would come on to a site that is here to help women and men achieve positive results that no medical community can offer us and say we are being "lied" to. You have taken some type of cream for one month, if I'm reading this correctly, at a teaspoon a day and none of us has any idea how much actual progesterone is in that dosage. It took me almost three years to level out. Progesterone excites estrogen until progesterone becomes the dominate hormone and you cannot expect that to happen in a month. If we believe that progesterone grows fibroids as you are saying then we would not create life because there would be no room for a fetus to grow inside our uterus when fibroids are growing at the size you are indicating happens. Because progesterone is at an all time high when we are pregnant. My gut feeling is that you have either been lied to or have read some misinformation or this study is working with the synthetic form of progesterone and not the natural. Take some time and read this entire site and see how many women and men progesterone has helped....oh, and check out JJ Virgin who used it on her son when he was hit by a car and was told he would never walk or talk again. You have been in menopause for, I believe you said ten years. Progesterone stops producing in our bodies but estrogen keeps going strong. With nothing to counteract the estrogen it's going to keep increasing and causing lots of quirky things in your body to happen and I'm assuming that's why you started taking the progesterone in the first place. You cannot expect that progesterone to overcome the ten years of estrogen that's been overgrowing in your body overnight which will cause fibroids to grow. This just really offends me. Wray has been a godsend to me and so many others. Please do not come on here and tell everyone she's lying. May God help you find peace within! RJ

Jul 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

Jilly, What dose is a tsp of P? What was your total dose daily? Where did you get your P?
Are you claiming a study shows bio P grows fibroids? Please send link. I need to see study. Otherwise, properly dosed and reputable compunding, I have never seen it in our office.

Jul 19, 2015
Where's the evidence?
by: Shalny

Do you have any evidence that this is true? Where did you get this info from? Is there any scientific data or research that you can cite? It's a pretty strong statement to suggest that people use an abortion drug that has many possible side effects to get rid of fibroids. I don't think anyone should take this claim seriously without valid evidence to back it up... Look what's being said about NSAIDS now. Just my opinion but I don't believe pharmaceuticals are a good option.

Jul 22, 2015
Progesterone does not GROW fibroids
by: Alyce

It's usually the people who do not use progesterone correctly, that land up with issues. So sad really, as it has saved my life a thousand times over! There are so many references on this site supporting just how progesterone helps fibroids, but from what I have read, essential nutrients are needed as well.

Jul 24, 2015
Progesterone proven to GROW fibroids (See RU486 abortion pill discoveries)
by: Anonymous

Hi Jilly

I think that you have been very much misinformed. For a start, Fibroids are caused from oxidative stress and unless that stress is taken care of, they will not leave. If you have them removed surgically, they will grow back. Please read the heavy continual bleeding protocol, take note of the amount of progesterone that is needed and the nutrients. You do not mention what cream you are using or how much progesterone it delivers, if not correct it will not work. Endometriosis and PCOS are also caused from oxidative stress. It might be a good idea for you to read How to use Progesterone Cream and Estrogen Dominance.

Progesterone therapy is NOT an overnight fix, it takes anything from 2-6 months, possibly longer, depending on how severe symptoms are before any kind of positive change is felt. It is most important that the cream used delivers the correct amount of progesterone. Do you know what your Vitamin D3 level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is vital for fibroids.

The RU486 abortion pill discoveries that you refer to is about abortions, I see no reference to fibroids or that progesterone makes them GROW. RU486 is an abortion pill, progesterone is not! Please post the URL so that we can take a look at it.

Try the protocol, and if no change after 6-12 months, then come back and discuss.

Jul 24, 2015
Progesterone proven to GROW fibroids (See RU486 abortion pill discoveries)
by: Joy

The above post about fibroids being caused by oxidative stress is from me.

Take care.

Jun 01, 2017
Progesterone does grow fibroids
by: Anonymous

If progesterone does not grow fibroids than why does the new pill called Esmya for uterine myomas shrink them by up to 70%?

Esmya is a progesterone inhibitor and will be marketed in the USA under a different brand name. Truth is both estrogen and progesterone grow fibroids and this has been known by doctors for quite some time.

Jun 02, 2017
Progesterone does grow fibroids
by: Alyce

Then why did progesterone and antioxidants cure mine?

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