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Hi...I have been having a lot of signs of estrogen dominance. I am currently 46 years old and two years ago I actually ended up having a hysterectomy due to fibroids - still have my ovaries. I now have a breast cyst. I have thyroid issues and am currently taking synthroid. I went to an endocrinologist about my thyroid, and while I was there mentioned my concerns about estrogen dominance. He got a "deer in the headlights" look on his face. He asked me if I had night sweats or if my periods had been irregular when I still had my uterus. My answer was no to both. He reluctantly agreed to test my estradiol and progesterone but said that due to not being able to tell where in my cycle I was because I don't get a period anymore it wouldn't do much good. test came back as 0 progesterone. He said my estrogen was "really good" and I was definitely not in menopause. Ugh. He won't do any type of hormone therapy until I'm on full-blown menopause. He said my level of 0 for progesterone was fine, and that I must have been in my first stage of my menstrual cycle when we did the blood work and that's why it was low. I don't believe any of it. There is a gynecologist in my area who has a CRNP who works with her who advertises as having interest/knowledge in women's hormones and uses bio-identical replacement (got her name from the compounding pharmacy). Should I go see her? Or will it just be the same issue...since I don't have a period, we won't be able to tell which phase of my cycle I'm in, rendering the results kind of useless. Thanks so much.

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Nov 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

Actually, I received my test results in the mail...progesterone level really isn't 0 like my dr. told me...the test results just said it was less than who knows. Like my dr said it could still be within the normal range for the first state of my cycle. So confusing.

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