Progesterone is great

by Marg

I went into meno, at 52 and hot flashes and night sweats bad, and odd feelings, didn't like it, made me feel not like me anymore.

Someone told me about natural progesterone, that you rub on twice a day, and it won't give you cancer... so I tried it, after one week, all the changes started to happen for the good.

Please don't be scared, go to a compounding drugstore talk to them, get on it, you will feel like you again, and be happy, if you have any thing you want to ask me, just ask away, have a good day.

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May 13, 2011
by: Mo

Hi Marg, I would love to hear what symptoms you had and how you have managed to relieve them. I am 52 been suffering from dry eyes since having a cold in Dec 2007 I have been tested for autoimmune conditions but tests have been negative Drs feel the symptoms could be due to menopause. Some days my ears feel full of air, my throat feels tight, my eyes feel achy and like they are being pulled on a tight string.

Look forward to responses ASAP.

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