Progesterone HELPS YOUR BRAIN!!!

by Patty

Hi. My name is Patty from the USA. I first posted my story under the topic of Men and Progesterone because I first asked a question about whether natural progesterone cream can help my husband who has Parkinson's Disease.

In short, my study of natural progesterone began after being given a synthetic or fake progestin to stop functional cysts from growing on my ovaries from not ovulating.

I noticed that the fake progestin started out acting like an anti-depressant.
That sparked my curiosity. However, that good feeling did not last.

It wasn't until later when I came across Dr. John Lee's books that I learned about how natural progesterone and the fake progestin had 2 TOTALLY different chemical structures!!

I laugh because, my doctor who handled my anti-depressant and anxiety prescriptions, was amazed when I asked if he would prescribe Prometrium which is Micronized natural progesterone in a capsule. I asked him if the molecular structure from Dr. Lee's book matched the exact structure of Prometrium in his medical book. He said yes it did. Almost every time I would visit this Dr., I would leave with him saying, "You know I LEARN something every time you come here!!" Haha!! :)
He had never RXd that Prometrium before and said he would do it for me.

Prometrium as well as natural progesterone cream helped me almost IMMEDIATELY from a teenager of 18 to this day of me being 51, when because of a huge excess of copper in my system, I would have the most scary experiences of de-personalization and unreality feelings!!!

Since we don't have copper pipes where I live, I will ask myself where I just drank something recently where the ice cubes may have come from copper pipes?

In addition, I know that if I have TOO MUCH ESTROGEN in my system, that TOO WILL cause excess copper and a deficiency in zinc.

Thankfully it was a nutritionist who told me when I was 18 that the bizarre feelings of de-personalization (look it up) could be caused by excess copper!!
I was SO THRILLED to hear that!!!

Ok, so up to today. About 3 yrs ago my daughter and I were hit head on in a turning lane (concussion # 1 of 2.) About a week later, from all of the stress from the accident, I slipped on my concrete bathroom floor and whacked my head until I saw stars!!! (Concussion #2 of 2.)

I finally went to the ER after having headaches and the ER Dr. told me: "Your PARTICULAR brain has a lot of fluid in it. But that is NORMAL for SOME people."
He later denied saying that to me and I found out on my own after getting a copy of the CT and results, that I have what's called an Arachnoid Cyst on my Left Front Temporal Lobe of my brain!!!

Neurologists and many doctors shrug them off because some times they do NOTHING.

Similar to an Aneurysm, it's probably the ins companies that require it become a certain size before surgery will be done and paid for!!!

Well, let me tell you that a lovely older woman from my congregation at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses just suddenly passed away from an aneurysm she knew she had in her stomach but the doctors would not remove it until it reached a certain size!!!
Once it DID reach that size, they said she was too weak and old to have the surgery!!!

So yes, worst of worst fears, it DID go off like a TIME BOMB and she BLED TO DEATH!!!

The same scenario is happening to people with Hydrocephalus or (water on the brain) as well as some with Arachnoid Cysts who cry out and cry out for help from their debilitating symptoms--but nobody listens until they about die from seizures or the cyst rupturing a blood vessel in the brain!!

My post concussive syndrome did finally pass, however, I have recently been having vertigo and dizziness for about 2 weeks!!

What concerns me is I have a drunk feeling like i did after I fell on my bathroom floor.

Arachnoid Cysts can come from being born with it to it coming from falls or concussions!

I will add that I took a bath and washed my hair in the bath water about 2 weeks ago.
I still had some suds in my ears, so I tried to dry them out.

At first, I thought my dizziness was from that.
Then, I found some ear drops I never finished from a previous ear infection and have started using them. I recently noticed that my LEFT ear got pain when I chewed, which has me hoping that it is just an ear infection--which would be wonderful to me instead of it being that this Arachnoid cyst is growing!!

So, here I am today, waiting on a neurologist'a answer on

It is NO SURPRISE TO ME AT ALL that they are realizing that Natural Progesterone HELPS WITH TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY!!!

When I KNEW I HAD TOO MUCH cerebral spinal fluid in my head after my fall, what did I treat it with???

Besides other things which reduce inflammation, I used the Prometrium and natural progesterone cream because I KNOW THEY are DIARETICS and reduce inflammation!!!

So, I am using the cream and the Prometrium again intensely to help me get through with whatever is going on!!

Even if it is just an ear infection, I know the progesterone cream can ONLY HELP relieve the fluid in my ears!

Well, about to leave in a little while to go to a clinic and have them check my ears.

Feel free to add ANY comments that you may have that are beneficial or enlightening about this! Thanks for letting me share my story!!


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