Progesterone helps with metallic taste in mouth

by Natalie

I developed a metallic taste in my mouth - really really horrible. Got checked and tested for all sorts of things but nothing showed up.

I had been using progesterone cream for quite a few years to help with breast tenderness, but as I was entering peri-menopause the breast tenderness had improved heaps so I was using a lot less progesterone.

After extensive Googling for "metallic taste in mouth" I finally found a reference to metallic taste in pregnancy and that was when I thought that it may be related to the hormone changes in menoupause.

I increased my progesterone dose significantly and it made a huge difference. I use 8% cream and quite a lot of it, so the dose I need to reduce the metallic taste is quite high

Thanks heaps for this website, which gave me the confidence to keep using such high doses and to not have a break each month. The metallic tase is so awful even after one day of not using the cream, that I really didn't want to have to have a break from it.

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Mar 19, 2012
Progesterone helps with metallic taste in mouth
by: Wray

Hi Natalie I'm delighted the progesterone helped you! And that the site gave you the confidence to use much more, it really makes a huge difference. Peri-menopause is such a difficult time too, cycles become far too erratic to follow. Can you let me know how much you used, as I can then relay the info to others who might have the metallic taste. Take care Wray

Mar 20, 2012
dosage of progesterone for metallic taste in mouth
by: Natalie

I am using about 1.5ml of 8% strength cream twice a day.

So that is 120mg of Progesterone twice a day which is a total of 240mg per day.

Note that this amount *just* keeps the symptoms bearable, so I still do have some funny taste in my mouth - just a lot less intense.

I know that using more works better, but I can't actually afford to use any more than this.

Mar 21, 2012
dosage of progesterone for metallic taste in mouth
by: Wray

Hi Natalie Thanks so much for coming back to me on this. 240mg/day is a good amount, unfortunately cost is always a factor. Take care Wray

May 31, 2012
Iron taste in mouth
by: Louise

I have just started using promethium 100 mg one a day and estrogen 0.06 also once per day.

The 2nd day I started having this iron / metallic taste in my mouth

Can this treatment cause this? I have not had periods for 11 months.

Would like some feedback on this


Jun 02, 2012
Iron taste in mouth
by: Wray

Hi Louise Natalie found 240mg/day progesterone stopped the metallic taste, I suggest you try this too. Prometrium is an oral progesterone, to get the full benefit I suggest you open the caps and add the contents to a small amount of skin cream and rub it on your skin. Oral progesterone is the least effective Delivery system. I don't know why they've given you oestrogen, this will make it an uphill battle for the progesterone, plus increasing the thickness of your lining. Some women have found it can initiate bleeding again. We do have more info about Menopause on this page. Take care Wray

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