Progesterone helped anixety and hypothyroid

by Valerie
(Waxhaw, NC)

I'm a 53 year old women and I had hypothyroid and could never get my temperature passed 97.0 and my hands were cold. I couldn't relax.

After I used progesterone all that changed. I even sleep better and morning stiffness was gone. Plus I have a great calming feeling. I would like to know how long can I use it.

I have a son of 22 and he has the same problems... low temperature, low blood pressure, unbalanced blood sugar. His 24hr urine cortisol tested was high three months later low. He has anxiety and has had some panic attacks. He tried gaba without effect could he use progesterone? For him I read this could effect testosterone. Is this true?

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Feb 05, 2009
Progesterone helped anixety and hypothyroid
by: Wray

Hi Valerie. This is good news. It did the same for me and wonderfully calming too. And yes your son can use it too. We have many men using it, it's not a sex hormone, and in fact is the precursor to both oestrogen and testosterone. It has the same action in men as in women, so would help calm him, help the anxiety and panic attacks too.

Pity the GABA didn't help, as it is good for calming. But too much GABA can bring on the same feelings it can help. Progesterone works because it activates the GABA receptor sites, often obviating the need for extra GABA, and without the drawbacks. Men currently use progesterone for increasing libido, for calming, particularly feelings of aggression, for depression and tiredness and for preventing prostate problems such as hyperplasia and inflammation, for which it works very well. Take care Wray

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