Progesterone got rid of my vertigo/migraine

by Beth Harville
(Nevils, Ga)

About 2 yrs ago I started experiencing bouts of vertigo out of no where. To make a long story short, I seen loads of doctors who all kept testing my hormones and each time they would say everything looked fine. But I KNEW the way that I was feeling was anything but normal. So I started tracking my symptoms and found that I was having the vertigo mostly around the time i ovulate and the week before during and sometimes after my period. One day i lost the vision in my left eye and told my dr about this, it was during a time where my vertigo was starting to come on. He said it sounded like a migraine, but my head wasn't hurting..weird. So i started researching this. What I have been experiencing I now know is MAV, Migraine Associated Vertigo. I get all of the symptoms, without the pain. It's debilitating, trust me. So after no one seeming to want to help me try and get well I started reseaching more and came across this site and started talking back and forth with Wray. That's when she told me that by the looks of my bloodwork, I was severely estrogen dominant. This is what has been causing all of my symptoms. So, I started using progesterone cream. I was using about 80mg for about 4 months and things were still really bad, sometimes seemed worse when I would apply the cream. I told her about this and she told me I would need way higher doses to make a difference. I was so scared to try this that it took me another few months..but I was just so sick I eventually tried it. For 3 weeks I took 400mg a day and let me tell you there were times when I was so dizzy and my headaches I could actually feel now, it seemed to be making things worse, but during the 3rd week I couldn't beleive it, i woke up one day and I was feeling much better, my head was not pounding and my vision was not blurry and I didn't have vertigo. I now after pushing through it feel so much better, so if you are one who is reluctant to try this, don't be afraid. Trust your gut and keep pushing on until you start to feel like your old self again. There have actually been times where I had to go up to 600mg to make the dizzys go away. And it works everytime now. Be brave!!!

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Feb 02, 2014
by: Jill

Thank you for sharing! I love to hear success stories.

I've never heard of MAV. Its amazing what you can find out researching on your own. I bet some DRs don't like it because people question them too much now. lol

Just wanted to share that my symptoms of feeling very unbalanced and "spinny" always came at the same time that you say your vertigo happened. That's how I also knew it was hormonal and what led me to progesterone cream.

I an about 2 months into this now and have started to see some improvements. Have had some rough times as well!

Take Care! Jill

Apr 18, 2014
Vertigo like syptoms for 2 years now!
by: Anonymous

Hello my name is Ruthie and I am 39 years old. I am a mother of two and when my husband got a vasectomy I got off the birth control after being on it for 8 years. Before children I had terrible periods. Heavy, and sick to my stomach and acne. Birth Control regulated all this. But in 2012 I took my self off. 6 months later my world has spun out of control! I was hit hard one day with Vertigo! After going to every doctor and in and out of the ER with panic attacks the doctors did every test on me. Blood test, Brain scan, MRI after MRI! One hormone test and all I got from the Doctor was your too young and your fine! Your healthy. My doctor told me to up my Anxiety pills as I still look really worried! My vertigo has subsided. But say I have a "vestibular disorder". I have unbalanced feelings, objects bounce and move left and right slightly. I feel nervous all the time. Like I am going to fall and cant really focus. Some days are better but not always 100%. I get anxiety fast. Tired, fatigue and cry on a dime. I've lost muscle tone in my face; I've aged a bit it seems. No sex drive at all so my husband says. Which is true. I'd rather sit and be left alone. This is not normal for me. I am at a lost for where to turn and where to go for help. How can I got from super mom and super wife to these issues. I do feel that ever since I got off the birth control, my health has not been the same.

Jan 16, 2016
Sounds like me!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your story.
I also got silent migraine with associated vertigo daily and it was much worse at ovulation and my period and like you it took me two years to find out what was going on.
I discovered I was in perimenopause after searching for answers and I started using progesterone cream at 40mg a day and taking a week off on my period, after 12 months I was getting worse and the migraines were really hurting. I felt like I was dying, I also got new symptoms, dry eyes and night sweats.
THEN!...I found this site, searched for migraine, vertigo and your post came up!
Your post gave me the courage to increase my dose massively to 500mg a day and i also started using it everyday thanks to the most wonderful and informative page Wray has written about perimenopause.
One month on the increased dose and I'm starting to feel better! I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. I've just had 10 days of no symptoms and that is indeed a miracle.
I wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to be brave enough to use a high dose and to say thank you to Wray for this wonderful site, without which I'd still be suffering a hellish existence.
Bless you both

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