Progesterone for pms and pre-menopause

by Kas

I was feeling so bad that I could not get out of bed. This severity happened so suddenly I didnt' know what was happening to me. I felt awful. 2 weeks into this I had an appointment with my gynocologist, he found a quite visible breast lump and I went home and started reading.

I purchased progesterone cream after much reading, weeks later started using it and the lump, as God is my witness, was gone in 2 days. It was totally hormonal, it was also benign as I had it biopsied. I also felt much better, more energetic and that was 2 years ago and I still use it. If I use it in the morning before work I have a very productive day. I take it as needed, sometimes I forget but that is good as I understand it builds up. I take it all throughout the month, but concentrate on mostly and the normal doses during the last 2 weeks of my cycle.


It definitely definitely cures breast tenderness!

I challenge all women with these problems to give natural progesterone OR pregnenolone a try!

I won't live without it!

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Dec 20, 2009
Smaller breasts please!
by: Karen

Wow Kas of Georgia, that sounds great. I need to know if the Progesterone cream would have the same affect on swollen breasts in a menopausal woman in her fifties. My breasts feel the same as they did 30+ years ago when I was breast feeding and I really hate it! Oh for smaller breasts without the surgery.

Jan 02, 2010
Smaller breasts please!
by: Wray

Hi Karen. Progesterone could help with the swollen breasts, it's certainly worth trying as it's so safe. Oestrogen and only oestrogen can cause cells to multiply, progesterone opposes this action. Menopausal women often have an excess of oestrogen, due to a drop in progesterone levels during peri-menopause. Take care, Wray

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