Progesterone for mast cell disease?

by Santino


I suffer from a very severe mast cell activation disorder.

My mast cells respond to many natural and especial unnatural triggers by releasing their inflammatory chemicals. At least that is the only explanation doctors found for my suffering which started already in my childhood. However during my childhood I was not suffering, only had first symptoms.

Suffering started 2011 and then got worse and to spare you details: It was so bad, that I constantly needed to ask whether a life with such a bad quality is worth it. I still often need to ask that question.

The main problem is that many potentially therapeutic agents I react to in such a way that I cannot go through it.

My main reactions are:

1) Flu like reaction which includes sweating on Head and face while I feel heat there and cold in my body (in extreme forms it ends in shivers), joint pain, cough, feeling as if I have a virus(-->though I of course have no viral infection and this is just part of a reaction to a trigger like for example a food or a chemical, but I also have this flu like response to essential aminoacids or vitamins-->though no problems with whole protein from chicken)

2) Frontal sinus congestion:This sounds not like a big problem but this is always accompanied by brainfog, headache, loss of concentration and when extreme I automatically get depressive.

My frontal sinuses congest when exposed to coldness and to many food triggers. The problem are not the quality of the stuff that triggers but a malfunctioning of systems in my body. I can imagine healthy persons or relatively healthy persons couldn´t imagine that I get that symptoms even from applying a cream to my skin.

So my DHEA levels were tested low and I wanted to use capsules (only rice flour as additive) but I reacted "allergic" what mean I got the flu like response from it within hours.

So I tried DHEA cream which you can buy from Biovea but I got the sinus congestion from it.

I have my Vitamin D levels in check. They are always above 60ng/ml.

Now I tried pharmaceutical Progesterone cream (In Germany you need a prescription for Progesterone). There are no unnecessary additives in the cream and it is 1,5%. Still I get a mild sinus congestion from it but I wondered because it does not get as severe as it get´s from other triggers. I can take it directly before I go to bed without having major impairment.

I was hoping that the progesterone might calm down mast cells and helps my body to make cortisol(n) if needed.

Now I have several questions:

1) On this homepage it is claimed that the cream can be applied to thicker skin as well because even hair follicles have receptors. I actually would like to use it on my head (I have no hair on my head, due to Alopecia Areata), because I noticed that when I used a course of progesterone cream in 2012, there was hair growing on the places where I used the cream daily).

So the question is: Can I use the cream on my head and if yes: Won´t the progesterone get used up by skin cells or hair follicles and thus there wont be enough progesterone leftover for systemic effects?

2) The progesterone which is sold here: Is that really ready progesterone or is this any precursor like many yam creams?

3) Could I disrupt my hormonal balance (sex hormones or adrenals hormones) if I try higher doses over time? At this moment I have difficulties tolerating only 15mg. I get the sinus problem And I also had bad sleep the last two night and I took it right before bed....

4) Do you ship the cream to Germany?

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Feb 07, 2016
Progesterone for mast cell disease?
by: Wray

Hi Santino Unfortunately MCAD is little known about, but the symptoms are severe! I will give you some studies on progesterone re mast cells, plus a few pages we have to read now. From these maybe you could come back to me with more info, i.e. are you reminded of anything? It will also give me more time to look for studies. Mast cells, see……

Hair loss, see….

Vitamin D, see……

I feel your vitamin D is too low, with something as severe as MCAD, I would take it up to at least 100ng/ml. You'll notice how beneficial it is for the skin if you read the page on topical vitamin D. If you wish to try a topical cream they are available on the internet but I have no idea of the quality. It would be better to make your own by adding a known quantity of vitamin D to your progesterone cream. Or to a natural skin cream with no synthetic additives. I have no idea about the quality of the cream you use, if you could give me the name I can tell you. Alternatively you could use the cream we make, it's as natural as we can make it, see……

It can be used daily, there is no harm it doing that. Men do not have a cycle so they should use it daily. I use it daily now and have done since entering menopause over 18 years ago. You seem concerned that you won't get enough progesterone as it will be used up by skin cells or hair follicles. The answer to this is of course use more. Normally when a severe problem is experienced, i.e. epilepsy, or asthma, or heart palpitations I would advise using very high amounts of progesterone, i.e. 500mg/day. But I have no experience at all of MCAD, so you will have to feel your way, but giving me your symptoms each time you increase the amount would help. I suggest you don't take or use other supplements while using the progesterone as it could interfere with symptoms. We've not found progesterone interferes with other hormones, in fact it tends to have a balancing effect. We do have many men using it, mainly for stress, low libido, inflammatory disorders, depression etc. Yes we do ship to Germany, we have many customers there. I will post this reply on both the pages you posted on. If you reply to me, please only use one page, maybe the main page would be the better one as all your queries are there. Take care Wray

Oct 13, 2022
I also suffer with overactive mast cells
by: Anonymous

I have found that 300-500mg of magnesium per day helps, CBD oil - currently using Biogen CBD sleep, I use my progesterone cream in the morning otherwise it has the potential to increase energy and delay sleep. Diet is extremely important - the basics most people will already know and is easy to find online, such as no fermented no sugar no grains etc. Most important in my opinion is to make sure I keep my liver free from sugar (fructose is stored preferentially in the liver) so to keep blood sugar stable. This does not mean eating no carbs - in fact I've done meat/protein only diets and that created its own problems - so the most success I've had was eating small portions (keeping carbs under 25grams per meal - every 3 to 5 hours) of Potatoe and Sweet potato and Oats (well-cooked) and Rice - all with Butter (as much as I want) for a few days at a time and alternating that with fasting and protein only meals. Hope this helps you - I know the desperation that comes with this problem.

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