Progesterone for Interstitial Cystitis and IBS?

by Jamie

I am a woman in my late twenties and have suffered from Interstitial Cystitis (IC - urgency/frequency) and IBS (colon cramping, stool issues, etc) for two years. In a 24 hour urine hormone test, all my hormones showed up as being in the normal range except testosterone, which was low. My progesterone was on the lower end of normal, my estrogen was normal, etc.

I was just treated for H Pylori, which has reduced my IBS symptoms by about half and has helped my IC symptoms some, and I am on vitamin D for a significant deficiency in D that was also just discovered recently. I continue to have symptoms, however, and I think a hormonal issue might be going on.

I was on birth control for ten years (stopped about a year ago), and the last two years of that (so a year before I got sick and another year after) I was on continuous Seasonale because it seemed to make my migraines better, which were at their worst premenstrually. My migraine issues have resolved in the meantime.

As further info, my cholesterol appears to be elevated and has shown up as elevated once before a few years ago, which I understand can be linked to long-term BCP use. I don't think I am quite insulin resistant, however (based on insulin levels and fat distribution on my body, etc), though I might be leaning that way a bit for all I know. I am trying to cut down on carbs and have more protein etc.

Of course, despite the "normal" progesterone results, I wonder if I am estrogen dominant and need progesterone cream. If so, what dose should I try? Some books seem to say 20mg and some 200mg. Should I start high or low, and what number should I work towards? I have a lot of other symptoms of progesterone deficiency such as irritability, PMS, attentional issues, etc. I also have a lot of pain in my hips and lower back (a la fibromyalgia), and some books suggest that progesterone cream can help with this as well, plus I suffer from fatigue (potential adrenal fatigue). Please advise. Thanks!

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May 23, 2009
Progesterone for Interstitial Cystitis and IBS?
by: Wray

Hi Jamie. A low 'normal' progesterone with normal oestrogen would set you up for the symptoms you describe. The ratio should be the other way around. I would ask you to do the questionnaire we have to confirm if it's progesterone you need. You can access the questionnaire through the form in the right margin of this page.

I have found from experience that 20mg/day is insufficient if symptoms are severe. That's the amount a woman would normally make and is nowhere near enough to resolve anything. If you try the cream I suggest you start with 100mg/day, it's easy enough to increase/decrease using symptoms to guide you.

I'm interested to hear you've had a vitamin D test done, I believe we should all have it! A 2007 study found even with supposed adequate sun exposure of 1.5 hours per week, levels were low in 51% of the participants. The fibromyalgia/pain should be helped by the vitamin D provided you're taking enough. A low level of vitamin D causes insulin resistance and fatigue. The dose should be at least 2000IU's per day, some authorities recommend between 5000-1000IU's per day to resolve a deficiency. look at here.

Finally I suggest you take between 4000-8000mg/day of the amino acid glutamine for the IBS. It's the only nutrient the lining of the gut can use to heal itself. It also boosts the immune system and, as it crosses the blood-brain barrier readily, the brain can use it in place of glucose, so it's excellent for fatigue.

Take care, Wray.

Oct 26, 2011
Want progesterone cream!
by: Anonymous

I have tried to order the cream you are talking about, progesterone. I have not been able to order it, I have subscribed.

Let me know how to get a bottle to try. Thank you, anxious to try it. Sounds awesome. Betsy vourantoni.

[note from webmaster: thanks Betsy but sorry, we don't publish email or private addresses as it can attract spam and possibly unwelcome messages directed at you. However, to order Natpro you can do this directly online at a secure shopping cart here...]

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