Progesterone Estrogen Ratio

by Kim

After a frightening 3 weeks of all over body tremors, weak muscles (continually contracted and shaking), brain fog, and overall heavy body throb (bp and pulse normal), my extensive lab work is coming back normal and I am being treated for anxiety. I am responding well to Clonazepam .5mg twice a day. The only thing that is confusing is I did not think I was going through a stressful time other than my normal fast paced life and blindsided by 3 weeks of debilitating symptoms. Below are my hormone levels. Is it possible estrogen dominance triggered the anxiety due to less sedative effects of GABA when less progesterone? Progesterone .3 ng/ml or multiply by 1000 to get 300 pg/ml
Estrogen: 168 pg/ml or divide by 1000 and .168 ng/ml
Regardless of which units used in ratio, I get 1.786 : 1
P:E ratio
300 pg/ml = X (progesterone)
168 pg/ml 1 (Estrogen)
While I am responding to benzos isn’t it better to treat the root cause and not the symptoms? Or should I not treat with progesterone and just accept this is what a woman’s body naturally does as she approaches menopause. Please double check my calculation and would appreciate your opinion on estrogen dominance in this situation. Thank you in advance.

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Jun 21, 2014
Try also
by: Jo

It would be a good idea to also check your thyroid levels (TSH, T3 and T4), and look into your blood sugar levels. I too have been down the benzodiazapine path with similar symptoms and it's definitely not getting to the root cause. All the Best.

Jun 23, 2014
Progesterone Estrogen Ratio
by: RJ

Hello Kim!
How old are you? God Bless! RJ

Jun 26, 2014
Tests and Response to Medications
by: Kim

I am 45 years old. I have had extensive bloodwork including cbc,thyroid, adrenal, cortisol and magnesium that come back in the normal range. The progesterone and estrogen also came back in normal range, but the ratio indicates there is an imbalance (very low progesterone) according to what I read. So far, my physicians will not even consider P:E ratio. While I am responding to benzos, I noticed if anything upsets me my hands start shaking. It's as if my body is still in a fragile state and not handling routine situations they way it used to. I am not the strong woman I used to be. I am more "fragile" and many times do not like to be alone. I just started taking progesterone and gaba this week and I read it will take time to feel the effects of this.

Jun 28, 2014
Progesterone Estrogen Ratio
by: RJ

Hello Kim!
Good old peri-menopause....caught me completely off guard. Type in my name and read my story. I can tell you that today, two and a half years later, the only problem I still have is the duration of the bleed. Cannot stop it no matter how high a dose I go. I battle estrogen every day...body loves that stress...true I'm very over weight which adds tons of estrogen to my body, but I read lots of women on here who are not and have the same trouble as me. When I feel the estrogen start to rev up I increase the progesterone. I take 400-1,000 mg daily and you will be very lucky if you ever find a doctor, man or woman, who will talk to you sensibly about progesterone and the possibility of hormonal imbalance, none of them really have spent the time to really analysis what is "within normal range" really means....kinda like the lottery, if you have those numbers you win LOL...cut and dry answer that they give to the thousands of women they see every day with the same complaints as we are all having....that is why we are all on this site and are so very grateful for finding it, because our doctors are not providing us with solutions and we are just down-right miserable. Read Wray's site, front to back, it will give you so much information. You need so much more than just the progesterone....supplements play a major role in all of this also...without many of them progesterone won't help you much. Most important is you must have an open mind and lots of patience. The cure will not happen over night and you will have to adjust and re-adjust dosages. The dosage that is working for you this month may not work for you next month or the month after that. That is how messed up our bodies become with this change. Normal is no longer a word when you hit peri. Learn to go with the pun intended there...and listen very closely to your body. Also, Wray's cream is the best. Alot of the products out on the market are very inferior to hers'...lots of other added yucky stuff and pricey...and right now I do know she's out of stock, but if you hit the contact button when supplies are in they will notify you. You'll notice a world of difference if you try Natpro. Have faith, Kim. There is hope to all of this and tons of helpful info on this site for you ingest. God Bless! RJ

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