progesterone, Estrogen, Paranoia, Psychosis

by susie
(Belgrave, Australia )

Hi Wray,

I'm wondering what are your thoughts about the ideas I see mentioned that low levels of estrogen can cause psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia? if you type 'estrogen psychosis' into a search engine, it brings up quite a few different references to studies showing that low levels of estrogen can cause these issues. We know that low progesterone can cause the same problems. Do you think that a combo of low levels of both could be the worst case trigger for these issues? But if that was the case, wouldn't we be seeing an epidemic of women with these problems however many years after menopause has allowed their levels to drop? Is that even possible in our xenoesreogenically saturated world anyway?

I'm confused and would value your thoughts :-)


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Jan 16, 2015
progesterone, Estrogen, Paranoia, Psychosis
by: Wray

Hi Sue I've just done what you suggested and read a few papers. I get so annoyed when I do! For instance one says...."In their study, Weiner and Arad removed the ovaries of female rats to induce menopause-like low levels of estrogen and showed that this led to schizophrenia-like behavior." See here. What on earth do they expect! Removing the ovaries also removes progesterone production, but do they think of this??? The oestrogen mimics which are so prevalent now would have a similar affect, as they oppose progesterone. It's surprising any of us are sane! Take care Wray

Mar 12, 2018
by: Anonymous

Estrogen deprivation causes psychosis. It happened to me. 48 hours on Estrogen patch cured me. Careful what you tell people. I tried to take my own life until estrogen saved it. Progesterone makes me have panic attacks. Not all women are same! Please be careful

Jun 06, 2022
after menupause I became psychotic
by: Anonymous

I became psychotic after menupause. I had to Start taking antipsychotic medicine.

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