Progesterone dosing

by Angela

This is a follow up on a previous message sent.
I've met with my doctor to see if should prescribe progesterone at a higher dose. Informing her that my insomnia, that I've had for over a year now was improving,calming my rapid heart beat, and losing the extra weight. I also told her that it was helping with my heavy menstrual cycle. She is not willing to work with me at the level I've requested, stating she can not find support for this and will not put her license on the line.

So, I am coming to you. Thankful for the support on here.
And the help you give through this website! It really was an answer to prayer!

I am back to your cream be my only resource for dosing higher.
I am needing to resupply weekly though to maintain the level long enough to see a breakthrough. I am wondering if you offer a deal on 15 tubes for a month.

Thank you so much!

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