Progesterone delay period?

by Lindsay Smith

I started using Natpro mid month after ovulation (although I did miscalculate and took one dose about a week before ovulation before I realised), I am ttc and my period is approx 5 days late but the pregnancy test was negative.

What do I do? I am continuing with the Natpro as I may be pregnant and wouldn't want to miscarry, but am also aware it may be delaying my period.

I believe I did ovulate though am worried that my mistake of taking one dose of Natpro before ovulation affected ovulation?

What are your thoughts? Many thanks.

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Aug 10, 2010
Progesterone delay period?
by: Wray

Hi Lindsay Progesterone can act as a contraceptive if used before ovulation. But in your case I doubt it, as you say you only used it once. It has to be used daily from about the 7th day before ovulation and a minimum of 100mg/day, better 200mg, to prevent ovulation. If you did a home test for pregnancy they can unreliable at picking up low hCG levels. You might like to see this excellent site for advice on hCG levels. I'm not sure how much progesterone you are using, but generally the amount of progesterone needed to stop bleeding entirely has to be about 400mg/day. Another thing to take into account is when first using progesterone it can upset the cycle, making it either longer of shorter. After 2-3 cycles it does settle back into the normal length. For more info on this please see our page on How to use progesterone cream. We also have a page on Pregnancy too, please have a look at it. It explains how to use it, when and how much too. Take care Wray

Aug 11, 2010
Should I stop using Natpro?
by: L Smith

Thanks for the advice. I still don't have a period after 7 days late and have tested negative for pregnancy twice. Should I stop the Natpro?

Aug 14, 2010
Should I stop using Natpro?
by: Wray

Hi Lindsay You say you've tested negative for pregnancy twice now, so yes stop the cream as there's no risk of it causing a miscarriage. I can't tell when you might start bleeding, as we all react so differently to progesterone. Once you do watch out for ovulation in the next cycle, and use the cream from then on. Follow the guidelines on the pregnancy page if you feel you've conceived. Take care Wray

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