Progesterone Creaming Causing Hot Flushes?

by Karen


I am 47 and peri menopausal. I've always suffered with PMS, ovarian cysts (lost one ovary already!) and endometriosis. My doctor put me on the contraceptive pill when I was 15 and I finally stopped taking it two years ago when I did not stop bleeding for 3 months.

I've recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and after much research, I found progesterone cream. I decided to give it a try about a month ago and used it as per the instructions of a dime sized dollop twice a day.

Well, I've never suffered hot flushes or sleep problems, but from the very first application I started to suffer. More research later I found this site and realised my estrogen receptors must have woken up and I needed to up the dose.

Every time I up the dose the flushes and sleep is better for a day or so, then restarts again. I am currently using 200mg a day - I'm using ProGest - do I just keep upping the dose?

Also, I'm putting so much cream on I'm running out of places to put it! It goes on my face, neck, decollette and inner arms and I have to wait for it to sink in before putting more on. Should I try a higher strength cream?

I'd like to continue using it but am wondering how long the constant waking up with hot flushes will take to subside as I'm exhausted.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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