Progesterone cream when ovulating?

by Felicia

Hi I'm 39 and am still menstruating but in the past year have started having sporadic anovulatory cycles. I've learned about natural progesterone supplementation & have been using progesterone cream during the 2-wk luteal phase of my cycle regularly for the past 11 months. The more I learn different things about how to use progesterone, the more questions come up as to how I personally should use it. I can tell when and on which side I ovulate because I experience cramping when it occurs. When I have cycles with no cramping I assume I haven't ovulated that month. This month I ovulated and am wondering if I still need to follow up with progesterone cream for the 2 wks till my period, or if it's not needed because my body is releasing sufficient amounts of progesterone from the corpus luteum - I've read somewhere that in cases of ovulation you don't need to supplement with the extra progesterone. Can you give me some advice about that? Thank you!

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Jan 26, 2012
Progesterone cream when ovulating?
by: Wray

Hi Felicia I'm so pleased you're using the progesterone during your luteal phase. So many are advised to use it for 14 days on, 14 days off, as if we all had 28 day cycles! It's interesting you know when you've ovulated, and it does alternate between sides, see here and here. Anovulatory cycles start occurring from about age 35, and increase in frequency during Peri-menopause, until Menopause when the ovaries stop producing viable eggs. The average age of menopause is about 51. In a normal monthly cycle, with the two hormones rising and falling, see the Graph here, there are generally no problems. I've found as we get older, and anovulation becomes more frequent, the lack of progesterone does cause them. As you're at the beginning stages of anovulation, it could be you could avoid using the progesterone during an ovulatory cycle. I've not found anyone willing to experiment with this, and would be fascinated by the result if you should try it. Please let me know how you fare if you do, as I can then advise others. Take care Wray

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