Progesterone Cream Weaning Pregnant

by Ahomestead

Background: Had been cycling a couple drops of progessence essential oil containing wild yam USP progesterone daily for several months during the second half of my cycle due to very low progesterone labs. I became pregnant after 5 years of healing journey and natural methods to help my body! My progesterone was still very low and instead of taking pills, since my body did really well using natural methods, I started Natural Progesterone cream during the 7th week. I started at 40 mg total a day and ended up doubling to 80 mg total (1/2tsp 2x) a day since then.

NOW: I am 13 weeks tomorrow and my MW/OB suggest stopping the natural progesterone cream despite her unfamiliarity. However most of what I've researched about natural progesterone cream during pregnancy implies to slowly wean completely off by week 20, not before. I'm very scared unsure what to think! I am wondering if anyone has used a natural progesterone cream at a similar dose, and how/when you came off it during your pregnancy and was it successful? Or how to wean off of that dosage?

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Feb 20, 2017
Progesterone Cream Weaning Pregnant
by: Joy

Hi Ahomestead

I agree with you, stopping progesterone cold turkey during pregnancy could cause a Miscarriage it should be reduced very slowly. Please be careful.

Please read the following pages and all the references as they may help you.


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