Progesterone cream was the answer to my binge eating

by Kayla

I stopped getting my period 6 months ago. I'm only 25 but have had irregular cycles before. Something felt different this time. My appetite went out of control. I started to binge eat, huge meals, I couldn't stop. Luckily I have only gained 10 lbs because I at least kept active. But I started feel so depressed. My mood was all over the place. I had an ovarian cyst rupture a couple months ago, worse pain I've ever felt. So just a couple weeks ago I was informed about estrogen dominance. I didn't exactly diagnose myself but I didn't see the harm in trying out natural progesterone cream, mostly just an attempt to have my period return. I've been using the cream for just over a week. My appetite has reduced dramatically, I've started to see weight loss, I feel more motivated and calm. I haven't gotten my period yet, but I have felt slight cramping in that area for a few days so we will see. The biggest thing I want to stress though is the appetite changes. For months I thought something was going on psychologically and I became so frustrated because I couldn't figure it out and so I just accepted maybe I had binge eating disorder. We are so misinformed about what a huge impact out hormones actually have on us! I'm so thankful I have found my answer at least for that aspect. More times than not, your body is just trying to tell you something, so just listen!

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