Progesterone cream made my periods late.

I started using Natro progesterone cream about two weeks ago, three times a day, 1/4 teaspoon ten minutes before meals.
My period is now nine days late and I am NEVER late.
Could you please let me know if this is normal?
Thank you,

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Oct 18, 2007
Disrupted cycles
by: Wray

Hi Irene Progesterone can disrupt the cycle for the first month or two. I would suggest you only use 1/4 teaps of the cream before dressing in the morning and 1/4 teaps before getting into bed at night.

It must only be used after ovulation i.e. for the last 14 days of the cycle. If used at any other time it will most certainly disrupt the cycle. Take care Wray

Feb 18, 2011
Question about Usage
by: Sandra


My doctor has me taking 2 cc progesterone (1cc am, 1cc pm) each day, every day. Is this normal thing to do? It is a cream btw.

Mar 02, 2011
Question about Usage
by: Wray

Hi Sandra I would have to know how strong the cream is, ie how much progesterone is in 1cc. If it's 16mg which is a standard cream, you will be getting 32mg/day which to my mind is far too low. I recommend 100-200mg/day. Maybe you could check the amount in each cc. If you're in Menopause it's much easier to use it daily, as there are no cycles to follow. But if you're not, it's best to follow them. For more info on How to use progesterone cream please read through this page. Take care Wray

Apr 24, 2013
4 months using Progesterone Cream- Late cycle
by: LPinSF

I am 42 and started to use Prog Cream 4 months ago; I have endometriosis, migraines and severe cramps. They were impacting my work until I started on the Prog Cream. I was using about 1/2tsp at night and a 1/4tsp in the morning initially between day 8 to day 28. The side effects were pretty intense with the o-estrogen dominance (weight gain even with regular exercise and swollen breasts), but I continued to have somewhat normal menses, cramps decreased each month and the migraines are fewer. My mood also improved significantly. This month, however, I increased to the recommended dosage of Dr Lee (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause) for women with endometriosis - 68mg daily (the book also states to take it days 8-26/28). I did not have the o-estrogen dominance this month, but I did spot during days 12-22 and now I am late starting my period. Should I be concerned? I have never spotted outside my cycle-- since I was a teenager. I read your comments to various women, and I notice you suggest increasing the dose for estrogen dominance--so I am not sure if I made a mistake which is now causing me to start late or if this is just my body trying to still find its balance.

Apr 25, 2013
4 months using Progesterone Cream- Late cycle
by: Wray

Hi LPinSF The 3/4tsp you were using must have been giving you a very low amount, if you 'increased' to only 68mg/day. It's no wonder you had intense Oestrogen Dominance symptoms. I admire you for sticking it out! Endometriosis is caused by oxidative stress, and large amounts of antioxidants are needed to reverse it. Oestrogen is a mitogen causing cells to proliferate. It's also an excitatory, inflammatory hormone, so it worsens the condition. If pain is present 500mg/day progesterone is needed to stop it. Migraines respond to about 400mg/day. Progesterone does help cramps too. The tiny amount of progesterone you had used previously would not have affected your cycle, but increasing it slightly as you did can affect it. It often makes it either earlier or later than normal, spotting can occur too. We do have more info on our Menstruation page. With symptoms such as yours I would really suggest you don't follow your cycle, use much more progesterone, and use it daily through any bleeding. This will ensure progesterone becomes dominant and suppresses all the excess oestrogen you have. Once you feel stable you can begin reducing the amount of progesterone very slowly. We also have more general info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Jul 31, 2013
off cream 3 weeks still missed period
by: Amber D.

Hi, I have endometriosis and secondary infertility. My only child is 7 years old. We've never used birth control but still no pregnancy. We've given up. But my periods are horrid with clumps and excessive bleeding. So I started taking natural progesterone (Now solutions) 20 mg per pump and paraben free.

I am very thin and hope I didn't take too much. I started a week and a half after my last period in June. I followed the directions and rubbed the cream into my wrists and thighs twice a day. I immediately felt pregnant and very nauseous so I went down to once a day and then every other day. I stopped using the cream a week before my expected period in July.

But my period never came. So I took the cream for another week and eased off. I'm on the third week of being off the cream and still no period. Then I started feeling nauseous again.

I've googled this and mainly found that people started their period days or within the week after getting off the cream.So I don't know what is happening with me. Just in case I'm miraculously pregnant I started the cream again tonight. I'm going to get a preg. test to make sure I don't induce a miscarriage.

Is this normal for it to take so long to start my period? I have been regular ever since I was 13 (28 now) and I usually bleed for 5 to 7 days. The first 3 days are the heaviest. Thanks!

Jul 31, 2013
off cream 3 weeks still missed period
by: Wray

Hi Amber Endometriosis is caused by oxidative stress, and large amounts of antioxidants are needed to reverse it. Progesterone alone won't be enough. I've found a minimum of 400mg/day progesterone is needed for endo, 500mg/day if pain is bad. Your weight has nothing to do with how much you need, it's entirely based on symptoms. The skin comprises 95% keratinocytes, these have many progesterone receptors, so the cream can be applied anywhere. Using too little can cause Oestrogen Dominance symptoms to occur. Normally bleeding occurs within a day or two after stopping the progesterone. But when initially using it it can upset the cycle, making it earlier or later than normal. It's nothing to worry about as it does settle in time. We have two more pages you could look through, How to use progesterone cream and Menstruation. Take care Wray

Jul 31, 2013
Follow-up and Reply
by: Sandra

Wowee - -sorry this has been so late in reply!

I am not going through menopause; however, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and my protesterone and testosterone were very low, as well as my iron. I have been perimenopausal for years though, due to the low progesterone (as I understand). I am still having my periods, they issues I had with my periods have subsided very nicely. We are talking huge clots, lots of blood, light headedness, bloating out of this world and just very, very sick for so many years during my 20's and 30's and FINALLY adding progesterone has really made a huge impact to reducing all theses issues where my periods are manageable and dont last for a month!!!

With all that said above, I take one "click" in the morning and one "click" in the evening and each click = 120 mg of bio-identical progesterone. So I would be getting 240 mg's of progesterone each day, well, I'm not certain of what my cells uptake, but I'm applying around 240 mg's each day to my skin.

I wouldnt mind trying your progesterone you offer here, do you also offer testosterone? My testosterone came in at 19 ng/ul and I find that I feel so much better when I have a pellet, but I dont want the pellet anymore it is leaving scars now and I dont want to be so marked up.

Thanks for monitoring the site and all the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Aug 01, 2013
Follow-up and Reply
by: Wray

Hi Sandra You sound like me! Trying to keep up with too much info, but thanks for the update and the kind words. So sad you had to go through all those years, I so wish progesterone was better known and used. I've found 400mg/day is needed to stop heavy bleeding, although the 240mg seems to have helped you which is a relief I'm sure. We do have more info on our page about Menstruation. There are a number of nutrients which help too. The progesterone you're using is very high strength if it contains 120mg per cc. It means it's a 12.5% cream, higher than others of high strength. I would love you to use our cream, but it's not as strong. It's a 3.3% cream, i.e. it contains 33.3mg per cc. I wouldn't recommend a testosterone cream, excess can lead to metabolic syndrome, heart disease and cancer, see here, here, here, here here, here, here, here and here. It also causes a middle aged women to get a middle aged spread! See here and here. We also have a page on Peri-menopause you could look through. Take care Wray

Aug 01, 2013
Reply to Wray
by: Sandra

#1 of 3

Hi Again :)

I went in and read the Abstracts to the articles you sent, Im not sold on not using testosterone because:

"Conclusions: These Study of Women's Health Across the Nation data suggest that the predominant temporal sequence is that weight gain leads to changes in sex steroids rather than vice versa.

I've been "off" testosterone for about one year now, because there wasnt a bio-itentical other than the pellet; now there is and I most likely will request to use the bio-identical cream offered now.

I am 42 (GASP) and I've noticed that when my hormones are not balanced, that is when I put on weight in my belly, and rear. Im not overweight, I've ran for years and am kind of a "gym-hog" in the winter months (I'm in Alaska, so during winter months you dont run outside). I find that when my hormones are balanced I: Do not eat/cravy junky & processed foods, I do not feel "depressed" or out of "sorts" and I dont have the brain-fog I experienced in my 30's.

Aug 01, 2013
#2 of 3
by: Sandra

In my early 20's I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I suffered from heavy periods and painful periods and fainted at least twice due to the heavy flow and pain. My doctors at that time told me that after I had a child, this would go away and that if I was lucky, I'd get pregnent and carry to full term but the chances were slim.

At 23- I got pregnant, carried my daughter to full term BUT was horribly exhausted the full pregnancy. Shortly after giving birth, I continued to have heavy and painful periods - again. I seen multiple doctors from age 25-38 about my heavy flows/clots/pain/exhaustion. At 28 I was told that I was "perimenopausal" and the doctors I saw recommended a hyserectomy - good grief! I said no way!! I lost my husband in an avalanche at age 29, and the stress/loss etc., I thought was most of the reason why I 'felt' the way I did (tired all the time, brain fog, wieght gain etc).

After a few years had gone by, and completing my MS degree and in the throws of raising my daughter - -I had a physical break-down and saw the doctor. I had taxed myself too the nth degree. Activities I had done in the past (running, hiking, skiing etc) I couldnt muster up any energy to do any of it, anymore for about 8 months straight. I didnt want to see a "traditional" doctor and had read (interestingly enough) Suzanne Somers books and thought alot of what she was saying fit my description. I also read "feeling Fat, Frazzled and Fuzzy" and determined to see a doctor who would be able to work with bio-identicals and not put me on traditional meds. I had not taken birth control for two years at that point (which was the "cure" doctors would provide me to reduce period pain/flow -- but that did NOT help much and caused other problems). Figured the "toxicity" of birth control was great, and most likely was contributing to my issues.

Aug 01, 2013
#3 of 3+1 [thought it would only be 3 but is 4]
by: Sandra

The doctor I saw was unconventional and provided me some solutions after having me do a saliva test and blood test. The saliva test revealed my cortisol peaked/spiked around 11am and then dropped so low, off the scale by about 4pm each day and the doctor could believe I was even really functioning - and my iron was extremely low. I began (at her recommendation) taking "StressEze" by Pheonix Nutritionals to combat adrenal issues, Vitamin D, Iron with B's etc., in them and Vitamin C on a consistent basis - something I had not done in the past. I noticed immediately that I began to feel so much better but still didnt have my "norm" back per se after about 6-months. So, I saw the doc again and she prescribed the testosterone pellet after running my blood. I felt MUCH better, way better than I felt in years and felt like I could actually run again! I could hike mountains! I used to run Mt. Marathon in Seward since 2002, and I havent tried it again (last year to run was 2009. I will.

I got back into my exercise regimen slowly, the weight I had gained (~25 lbs) came off and I could wear my favorite clothes again. It was a struggle being in size 10-12 skirts/jeans, when I was normally about a size 6. I began this "treatment" May 2011 and within the two years I've "come back" from the dead. My last test pellet was the beginning of last summer, and its long gone now - - and I've noticed a difference in me where I have seen "weight" gain in my mid-section area (although I have the same exercise regimen, activity level, consistent in taking supplements and eating organic, and watch the "processed" foods). I travel quite often for work, I inspect Pipeline Systems, and the food in some of the remote places I am at is fried/processed foods and I've got to be very careful with food choices.

Aug 01, 2013
#4 of what I thought was 3!
by: Sandra

The benefit I believe to ensuring hormonal balance and using testosterone (for me) is: weight, brain function, sex drive, skin & hair health (my acne greatly reduced and within the last month or so I've been breaking out like no tomorrow on my face, back, chest) etc. I see my doc on Aug 8th and she will do some blood work. Another reason I went this direction (bio-identicals) is because my grandmother had breast cancer in her later years- - which I understand is due to estrogen build-up in breast tissue. Hormone balance is important to me for this reason - -I wanna keep my breasts!

In any case, I dont find - right now - that I've got middle age spread from using testosterone, I find that the wieght gain is because my hormones (incl. test) are not balanced appropriately. The articles provided theorize weight gain and/or metabolic syndrom could be the case when using test, I suppose I will keep you updated on that one! The articles mostly lean towards weight gain is the culprit in hormonal imbalance (and I agree) and think this could be due to the foods that individuals are eating, and the water being drank which contain hormones/fungicides/pesticides etc., that impact us at the cellular level and mess with us and will cause a whole host of problems, including weight gain.

Sorry for the length of this post. I have not felt this good in YEARS. Matter-of-fact, I dont think I've felt this good since I began my menses at age 16. The treatment per se I am undergoing has really changed my life - and I am so thankful for folks out here that support using bio-identicals and non-traditional treatments. I'm a firm believer in this way! :)Sandra

Aug 02, 2013
Reply to Wray
by: Wray

Hi Sandra I love your subject lines! Thanks for this wealth of info, evidently testosterone helps you, so continue with it. I caution against it as the papers have convinced me, plus others on acne etc. But you are far more aware of your body's needs than most, so it's just a matter of keeping a watch for any imbalance. Plus you're aware of all the toxins in the environment. Your stress levels have been remarkably high, loosing your husband at 29 would have contributed hugely, I'm so sorry to hear about this. And your job, not the most stress free I've heard of! I wouldn't survive the cold you have to put up with either. I wish you continued good health! Take care Wray

Aug 02, 2014
Progesterone regulated periods at first, but now I am late.
by: Anonymous

I started the Progesterone Cream @ 100mg on days 14-28 of my cycle. I am TTC, and the first 2 months day 29 my cycle started. This my third month, I am at day 46. Negative pregnancy test. Should I start applying the progesterone cream again until my cycle shows up? Any help is appreciated.

Aug 27, 2015
painful period with cream
by: Jen

Hi. this is my first time taking the progestrone cream. I have PCOS. I've never had painful periods. I might have taken the cream too late. I started taking it and two days later my period started I stopped using the cream and now my period wont come down but I'm feeling very bloated, crampy and painful. should I resume taking the cream?

Oct 03, 2015
my period is late
by: philz

Started using progesterone cream on day 14 and stopped usingit 2days before my expected period bt it never came and my pregnancy test is negative. I dont know what to do now i tried to start again applying it after a week when my mens didnt show up but my ovaries and my womb became very saw then i stopped using. What must i do now

Oct 04, 2015
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Update
by: Sandra

Hi Wray!

It's been 2-years since my last post. I am still using Bio-IHT of progesterone & testosterone and see my physician every six-months for blood work and overall health checks.

Doing good overall - my periods are like clockwork (every 26-days) and are not nearly as heavy/clotty as they were prior to starting my treatments. Rarely any cramping, but I do get lower back aches. I have two fibroids that have reduced in size as well - which was one cause of heavy flow/clotting from what I understand.

Stress level - think it's increased with change in job and more responsibility & that my daughter is in college!! LoL. That'll stress anyone out! But I do sauna's, exercise etc. and make time for my mental/emotional health to reduce the overall effects of stress. It seems to help.

One thing I've tried here recently is the MAP Assessment - Dr. DiCenso and I am really enjoying the full system analysis approach to managing my health. Check it out - you can Google it.

Hope all is great with you !
I'll touch base in a couple years, haha! ;P

Oct 05, 2015
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Update
by: Wray

Hi Sandra It's good to hear from you again, thanks for making contact. I'm fascinated by the MAP Assessment by Dr Richard A. DiCenso. I will certainly be taking a more detailed look at it. Look forward to hearing from you in two years! Take care Wray

Nov 16, 2015
Early Period
by: Anonymous

I don't get my periods at all unless I'm on birth control..I've been on there for like 2 years, but decided to switch to something natural. Progesterone cream works for me, but I am getting my period 1 week earlier than I should. Is there something I can do to fix that?

Mar 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am 44 years old, started biodentical hormone replacement 4 months ago. I am taking a hundred milligrams of progesterone from day 14 to 25. My periods have been like clockwork until this month it hasn't shown up at all, I am about 6 days late with a negative pregnancy test. What could cause this, could it be the cream? Has anyone else has the same issue?

May 02, 2016
Progesterone doses with pcos
by: Louise

I'm having something like this too. I haven't had periods since my early twenties naturally, when I was diagnosed with pcos. Been on the pill since, with regular withdrawal bleeds. I'm 34 now. Stopped the pill about a year ago and nothing since. Been trying different doses of progesterone cream for last 2 weeks of every 4 for the last 4 months - first 50mg twice daily 3 weeks, with spotting 10 days in for about 3 days, then no withdrawal bleed. Then took 100mg twice daily for about 5 days just to see if it induced a bleed at all ( similar to how provera is taken when it's specifically to induce a bleed as part of conventional fertility treatment). Anyway, it did induce a bleed that time. Then took the 100mg twice daily. Once again, spotting 10 days in for about 5 days, then no bleed after. Next time 20mg twice daily, with a TINY bit of spotting, and no bleed either so far (stopped 4 days ago). I was scanned about a week ago (friend who happens to be a medic :-) ) and my uterine lining is thin. I'm now just totally confused as to what dose to use. I know elevated progesterone levels can cause thin lining and light 'breakthrough' bleeding, which was what I assumed the high dose spotting was. Any experience or advice would be VERY appreciated!

May 03, 2016
Where'd My Period Go?
by: Jess

I started taking 1 tsp progesterone cream in March 2015 before bed, as instructed by my naturopath. At the time, my progesterone levels were extremely low (I'm 25), and I was also on the birth control pill. I used to have regular periods although short and light, but in July 2015 I stopped getting my period. I switched to the non-hormonal IUD in January 2016 thinking my period would come back, but no, I haven't had it now in 9 months. I'm wondering if this seems right?

Nov 15, 2016
No period. What now?
by: Anonymous

I was supposed to start my period 2 days ago which did not happen. Should I continue using progesterone cream until my period starts again?

Jan 04, 2017
Feel sick
by: Anonymous

Hello, i started with a low dose cream by mistake and swopped it for Ona's 10% (1/4 tsp x twice daily) and my word it's working after a few applications.

I have had terrible PMS since I was 13, I'm now 41. For the past 6 months I noticed that I was getting sinus migraine for two weeks before every period and bleeding would start 1 week before then stop...before bleeding for 4 days.

My period this month started one late but not before the most painful breasts known to womankind and nausea and the sinus migraine too.

I've been using the cream without a break for the past two cycles to up the progesterone levels but nearly gave in the other day thinking I was overdosing.

I get a lot of brown discharge too...Am i going about this regime correctly?

Jan 18, 2017
by: Help

Hi I started using progesterone cream two months ago - got period 2 days after last using the cream with last 2 cycles. This time around, I last used the cream on Friday 13th January and am still waiting to get period - should I be concerned? Pleas help.

Mar 19, 2018
Period gone
by: Lena

Hello this post is so old I’m afraid I won’t get a response.

I started to use the cream approximately two months ago. I thought I was using it appropriately but maybe not. My period is now nine days late. I have taken multiple pregnancy test and they are all negative. I don’t know what to do so that I can get my period. Do I keep taking this every day until I get it?

I’ve been using 3-4 pumps at 20mgs each per day. I think I became confused because typically I stop using it the day I got my period. But since it didn’t come I kept using it for a few more days over.

Thank you,

Mar 20, 2018
Period Gone
by: Joy

Hi Lena

Progesterone can disrupt the cycle when first used. It can take 2-6 months for the body to adjust. Between 100-200mg progesterone is needed.

It must only be used after ovulation i.e. for the last 14 days of the cycle. If used at any other time it will disrupt the cycle. I suggest that you use every day until your cycle becomes regular again, then use by following a regular cycle. No progesterone is used at folicular phase.

Folicular phase - starts on the 1st day of bleeding and ends at ovulation. No progesterone is used during this time.

Luteal phase - starts from ovulation until bleeding. It is always, in all women, 12-14 days long. Progesterone is used during this luteal phase.

Please read How to use Progesterone Cream.

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