Progesterone cream benefit

by judy browne
(United Kingdom)

Hello there, I am a 52 yrs old woman who lives in the UK. I went through a whole year without sleeping properly there are times when I could not sleep for weeks. I was suffering a lot. Until I read about estrogen and progesterone on the internet. I bought progesterone cream and change my diet. I have a smoothie in the morning which consist of flax seed and soy milk, and snack on dates, apricots prunes and pistacho nuts. In the evening I have dinner meat or chicken with chickpeas or black eye beans and or rice. I take multivitamin tablets, starflower oil, cod liver oil, black cohosh for estrogen. I am sleeping better and the menopause symptoms are all gone. Please share this with other women who are going through the menopause.

God Bless

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