progesterone converting to cortisol

by Rita T.
(Iowa US)

Hi! I am using progesterone cream and reaping the benefits. When I apply too much mistakenly, I feel the opposite (jitteriness, agitation, insomnia, and racing heart) of what I would feel with regular dose (calm, relaxed, and mildly drowsy). I am not a scientist but I have read in a book (Dr Uzzi Reiss) that some people have "paradoxical" reaction to (very high) progesterone: their cortisol becomes overly high. Is this what is happening to me? Please help!

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Nov 03, 2015
Same for me.
by: Anonymous

I too have the same problem. I get terrible insomnia from using progesterone. I tried upping the dose but that makes things worse. I am very interested if anyone has any info on it converting to cortisol.

Aug 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

Such a shame important questions like this get no comments or answers when people are in desperate need of help.

Sep 24, 2016
Cortisol Issues
by: JB

I too am having progesterone/cortisol issues. I would like to know the answer to this.

Jul 18, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hello I know this is an old thread but has anyone found the answer to this yet?

I am using 300mg of progesterone and I think it may be helping my extremely low cortiosl?? Not sure though...

May 28, 2019
by: Justine

Please see Wray's answers in these forum threads relating to the same/ similar question:

here, here and here.

I hope this helps.

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