Progesterone by Prescription Only?

According to:
the FDA will be regulating sale of all Progesterone including creams and pills, which will be by prescription only. Is this true? Will you still be selling Natpro?


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Sep 28, 2013
Progesterone by Prescription Only?
by: Wray

Hi there Thanks for this. I try to read Mercola's newsletters, but don't always have the time. Someone else has just sent it to me too. It's unfortunate, as so many women rely on progesterone, and don't have the resources to get a script. There are many countries with the same law already, some even ban it's import. But this doesn't seem to stop the women from getting it. I hope the same will apply in the US. Take care Wray

Sep 30, 2013
Progesterone by Prescription Only?
by: RJ

Hello Wray,
Okay this one really did upset me when I read it. In fact, has me in a real dither. I went to Mercola's site and noticed the article did not have a date on it like all his other articles do. I also found it unusual that there were not many "shares, tweets, emails, etc." of this article like all his other articles have. Now, the question can the FDA regulate the sale of "natural progesterone" from a yam or soya, from being sold over the counter and making it prescription only? I don't know...something really seems fishy with that article. I also googled and nothing came up and I went on the FDA site and typed in regulating progesterone and again, nothing came up, oh some things did come up but nothing of late that would relate to regulating progesterone. I have a hard time with Mercola sometimes, especially when it comes to progesterone and iodine. He is in the business to make money and I believe it leads him astray sometimes. Pretty soon our government will ban green vegetables because juicing them will cause us to be disease free. If this happens Wray you need to write an e-book on how to take a yam and reduce it to usable progesterone lol. Or I'll be forced to cross the Mexican border and get it from them lol. Big government doesn't just want their hand in the cookie jar they want the whole jar. Ugh! Take care and God Bless! RJ

Oct 03, 2013
Progesterone by Prescription Only?
by: Wray

Hi RJ It's funny you should say that about the article, as it's exactly what I thought. I always save papers or articles by date, then the journal name, then the name of the paper/article. But you're right there was no date, it was extremely short too. Usually there are many links too. And did you notice it said he was now going to use sublingual progesterone. He's been pushing vaginal progesterone for ages now. Some of his stuff is good, but some not. I often don't have the time to read it either. Aren't you a star going on the FDA site too, bless you for that! I'm so behind in things, moved house which hasn't helped either, so never thought of that. They'll ban or legislate anything they can, so green juices will probably be the next to go! They'll probably ban the juice extractors so we can't make them. It's madness the whole thing, madness. My brother is fascinated by government (he doesn't think we should have one, costs us too much money!), social mood, the stock market, laws etc. So gives me fascinating tidbits. One is it would take one man 12 hours a day for 70 years to read all the laws the US has in it's statute books! Now that is madness. And to think that tax returns are so complicated that one has to pay a professional to fill them in for you! Daft, it's all daft. But where will it end, hopefully with no government! I hope you won't have to go to Mexico! Blessings to you too, take care Wray

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