Progesterone and Fertility

by CC

I am on the 100mg capsule. 2 a day on day 17 to 26. I was told by my gyn. that I will menstruate the day after day 26 and if not I should take a pregnancy test, this was negative and I am wondering if I should wait for my next menstuation or should I go ahead and start the Progestran again as its been 5 days since the last pill? Or should I take a test again?

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Oct 27, 2009
Progesterone and Fertility
by: Wray

Hi CC. Oral progesterone is not a very effective delivery system, most is lost as it passes through the gut and liver. Injections, suppositories, creams and vaginal gels are more affective. Please see these research papers...
Oxford Journals
Menopause Journal

I take it you are wanting to fall pregnant? I would always advise starting the progesterone at ovulation and not later. Is your cycle normally 26-27 days long? Cycles vary between 21-36 days, which means ovulation does too. Please see this web page as it gives much more info than I can give here. You should wait till you next ovulate before using the progesterone, using it before hand can stop ovulation. Take care, Wray

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