Progesterone and 60

by Cheryl
(Manhattan, Ks USA)

I am 60 and don't have any symptoms of menopause any more. I have used natural progesterone for almost 10 years.

If I forget to use it in the morning, I have no symptoms, but I try to always use progesterone daily for my bones. I have had some nasty falls and have not broken any bones. I have never been very graceful; hence I trip over things! I also put 1/8th tsp of borax in my coffee every morning, which tells my parathyroid to keep the Ca++ in my bones.

Is there anyone else in their 60's, or beyond, that uses progesterone on here?


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Jul 02, 2018
progesterone and 60
by: Anonymous

Yes is the answer. I am in my late sixties and use around 300mg, sometimes more, sometimes less, daily. I think it is very helpful for joint health and certainly for hot flashes, which I used to get in my early sixties of all things, and for moods and supporting the thyroid and adrenals I believe. The list goes on. Each woman is different. It is an individual choice as to what you need and how much. Listen to your body.

Jul 03, 2018
Progesterone and 60
by: Joy

Hi Cheryl

Many women 60 and older use progesterone. Progesterone does play a part in helping to build healthy bones as it stimulates the osteoblasts which deposit new bone. Nutrients also play a big part especially vitamin D3, magnesium and vitamin K2. Without these calcium is not deposited in bones. Taking large quantities of calcium will not improve bone density. Please read The Vitamin D Council for more information and see here. You might also like to read the page on Osteoporosis.

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