Progesterone after menopause?

by Julie
(Massachusetts USA)

Hello, I’ve used Natpro for almost 8 years. It’s been wonderful for sleep. I now am officially through menopause, and I’m wondering what the thoughts are on using Natpro post menopause? I’ve continued using it, but at a lower dose (100mg) than what I using during peri menopause ( anywhere from 200-400 mg per day) . My sleep hasn’t been as great on the lower dose of 100mg, but I worry my body may not need all the progesterone I was using in peri? Is it harmful to continue the progesterone post menopause? I’ve always used it every day, and have never taken a break.

Any advice?
Thank you!

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Sep 29, 2021
Progesterone after Menopause?
by: Joy

​Hi Julie

Thank you so much for believing in Natpro and for using it correctly, many don't and then think that progesterone does not work. I am so pleased to read how Natpro has helped with your sleeping problems. Progesterone is a calming hormone, it will help with mild insomnia. If more severe​,​ then calming nutrients are needed.

I am 66 and have been using Natpro every day with no breaks at all since I was 47. I will never stop using it. It certainly is not harmful, in fact it is most beneficial. You do not need to use as much as 400mg per day going forward. However, remember that​ ​Stress​​ destroys everything. It causes progesterone levels to drop sharply. When dealing with stress it is always a good idea to increase the amount of cream used until after the stressful period, then reduce ​back ​down again.

You will need to experiment to see how much your body really needs now. If 100mg is not working then try 150mg per day and so on. Please continue to use it every day. Estrogen will start to creep back in causing those dreaded​ ​Estrogen Dominance​​ ​​ symptoms and you certainly do not want that.

All the best.

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