progesterone 3 trimester. Please help!

by Emily

Hi I am 26 weeks pregnant. Whilst my first pregnancy was a dream this time has been awful with awful morning sickness and bleeding. The baby is fine thank God but even last week I had a substantial bleed. The doctors offer me no reassurance. In addition I have become very anxious and depressed. I have read this can be when the placenta is not making enough progesterone. Is it a good idea to supplement? If do at what dose? My doc wants me to take antidepressants but I really am desperate to find a natural solution!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Jul 20, 2014
Natural Progesterone in pregnancy
by: Chris

Yes I would definitely supplement with natural progesterone cream in pregnancy, especially from what you are describing. You can't do yourself any harm. You would probably be good on a dose of 200mg per day. split into morning and evening doses.

I took natural progesterone throughout my third pregnancy (after losing my second pregnancy when I wasn't taking it) - I took 200mg a day of Natpro...I have taken others but this actually has been the best but if you can't get it straight away see if you can get another in the meantime. I took this dose of progesterone cream from start of my pregnancy right through to the end and actually took even more during the post natal phase to avoid post natal depression and it worked a treat (especially considering the pressures I was under at that time too!) Don't touch the anti depressants Please! can't believe that is all they have to offer you...what a disgrace our doctor's can be. Anyway good luck and get on that progesterone cream. BTW I have a beautiful very healthy 2yr old now.

Jul 21, 2014
by: emily

Thankyou so much for the advice Chris. I have started supplementing but on a lower dose than that so will increase.
Thanks again I'm kind of feeling in the dark so It's great to get some input.

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