Progesteron, pelvic and menstrual pains, adenomyosis/endometriosis

by Ingrid Sunniva
(Oslo, Norway )

I have read the stories on your page regarding progesteron and adenomyosis and pelvis pains. I have always struggeled hard with excruciating menstrual pain. I do not have a diagnosis, but i am really in no doubt - either it's endometriosis or it is adenomyosis, or both.
My gynecologists have put me on birth control, and, although that have helped for years, my pains have gotten Worse over the years. I do not tolerate birth control pils (especially the ones with estrogen) well, and feeling they have something to do with my overall illness. I am now put on gestagen-pills, but i feel and have been thinking, there must other ways to deal with this, than pills and surgery.

I have a really sensible system and body - also struggle with Chronic fatigue syndrom/ME - and really wish to find natural ways to get better, and to get well from the pelvic and menstrual pains.

I can see, over here, what you recommend is to buy a progesterone cream and apply it vaginal? Is that correct? i live in Norway, - is this something one can get anywhere - or, is this way of treatment rare?
Feeling a bit desperate to find natural ways in this "jungle" of all medical, and for help healing.

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