by Laurel Munz
(Richmond, Viginia)

I have told my story at an earlier time. I have a very specific question this time and I don't know where else to post it. I realize NatPro is out of stock so I ordered some Progestelle which has a totally different dosage amount. I'm hoping someone can help me as I'm terrible with math to begin with and estrogen dominance doesn't help. I use 600mg of Natpro daily, I've got that all figured out, piece of cake. The Progestelle says 1fl. oz=30cc and 1/2oz=15cc and 1 bottle=1fl.oz=40 dropperfuls. It also says 26.2mg per cc and 42 drops per cc and 1 drop=0.63mg progesterone but elsewhere in the literature it says that 1 dropperful is 20 mg. I'm confused. The bottle says it contains one ounce (30 mg) of fluid. Does this mean I'm going to use almost one bottle a day? Does anyone else out there use this product? Any advice or suggestions are welcome. I fear the day I would need to go without my regular does of progesterone, it is helping me so much. I don't want to go back to the way things were before it, my life was HELL. I was literally incapacitated. So I'm a bit stressed about making this transition. One might ask, why not just contact the distributor of Progestelle and ask them directly. I get the idea from the literature included with the Progestrelle that they don't condone using high amounts like I do. I don't think they would tell me how to get 600 mg from their product. I fear they would try to convince me to stop taking so much.

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Oct 29, 2014
by: Wray

Hi Laurel I find it difficult to keep track if someone makes new comments each time they have a query. So I can't remember what I've told you or haven't told you. Although Progestelle is preservative free, it is very costly at $60 for 2000mg (i.e. comparing it to Natpro). Plus a study found progesterone is not absorbed as well via an oil, or gel, as it is in an emulsion, see here. So to answer your question, there are 800mg progesterone per bottle. You're using 600mg/day. One bottle would last you 1.3 days, or you would use 0.75 of a bottle per day. But the study found ….." Mean peak plasma concentrations were: 1 ng/ml for the lipophilic (oil), 1.24 ng/ml for the hydrophilic (gel) and 2.26 ng/ml for the emulsion type base" In other words less half the amount of progesterone is absorbed via an oil. Which really means to get the full 600mg you would need to use at least double the amount of the oil. Take care Wray

Dec 11, 2014
Metric units issue
by: Anonymous

"The bottle says it contains one ounce (30 mg) of fluid."
I just checked my bottle-- it's 30 ml.
30 ml = 30 cc
Sounds like you are getting that-- mg vs. ml-- mixed up. Mg is weight, ml is volume.
The "mg" per volume is amount(weight in mg) of progesterone in that unit of oil-- oz, dropperful, drop, etc.
Also, if you use 600mg Natpro, you need to check how
much progesterone per mg (ml?) is in that product to get equivalant progesterone in progestelle, assuming Natpro isn't 100% progesterone.

Jul 24, 2015
How do you use that much product?
by: Lisa H.

I'm just wondering how you would use that much of the oil at one time? Are you just rubbing it all over your body? I use one full dropper full and it coats my arm. I would run out of places to put it if I were using much more. They say if you use the same place over and over, it won't be receptive to the progesterone. BTW, I found a lab that sells the raw USP Progesterone micronized powder. I was going to get some and make my own (you know... that way you could control the strength of it)... BUT, when I tried to order they wanted a tax ID and I don't have one. It was kind of expensive, but cheaper than buying these bottles and jars of creams and oils!

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